[email protected]’s #19Kids Cousin @AmyRDuggar Releases Country Video (Watch!)

During an episode of TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting, the family’s first cousin, individualistic Amy Duggar, expressed her love for country music. Holding a meeting with the entire Duggar clan, which if you watch the show you realize is like holding a national assembly due to the number of them, Amy explained that she was going to be heading to Nashville to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. The family rejoiced, prayed, and celebrated Amy’s next journey in life.

With the support of Uncle Jim Bob, Aunt Michelle, and her nineteen J-named first cousins, Amy headed to Tennessee from her home state of Arkansas and began to pound the pavement, performing in some bars, and even trying her hand as a street corner entertainer. From the looks of the episode, Amy was getting a taste of the hard work that goes into breaking into the industry and it wasn’t abundantly clear whether she would actually make the official move and continue the path.

Until now.

Today, January 22nd, TLC released Amy’s first music video, “Beautiful Weather.” The video shows Amy having an in-studio experience, recording her single with a band and producers, mapping out sound effects, and enjoying each moment of process. The video shows off Amy’s playful side, a side she is often quick to express when she visits her large family, as she dances in the studio while singing this lighthearted song about love.

The song also touches on the fact that Amy feels like she no longer has to put on a facade and can be herself, which seems apropos as she spreads her wings and begins to explore life as Amy Duggar and not just an extension of her famous family members.

Watch Amy Duggar’s “Beautiful Weather” video and let us know what you think!

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