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In 2013, I was introduced to Emily Brooke and her extraordinary talent. At fourteen years of age, she blew me away with her professionalism, focus, the natural gift with which she was bestowed. Fast forward to 2015 and I watched that same eager teenager, who has musically matured more than words can describe, take the big stage … Fox’s American Idol stage … and show America what all of us who have been watching Emily work hard to achieve her dreams knew all along. From a personal standpoint, it was one of the most moving nights in my life, sitting in the room with her and watching her see herself on television, witness her own dreams becoming reality, and hear what the judges said to her and about her. It fully restored my belief in faith, hard work, and relentlessness.

Seeing all of your tweets about Emily’s performance and hearing that she was a fast favorite for season XIV of American Idol made me realize that her enhanced fan base would love to learn more about the girl who Harry Connick, Jr. said had the most potential of anyone they had seen. What you may not know about Emily just yet is she is every bit as sweet and heartfelt as you saw on television, but, aside from that, she is a musical prodigy, hilarious, respectful, and so much more. So, let’s take a trip back together — old and new fans alike — and learn more about Emily from this 2013 interview:

Emily Brooke is a normal teenager who attends school, hangs out with her friends, and does everything you would expect an adorable teenage girl to do (except for homecoming! Emily skipped her homecoming this year, as someone handed her Miranda Lambert tickets the same day and “Miranda won”)! She may be young, but her talent and wisdom for the music industry far exceed her years. With several prestigious live performances under her belt, a YouTube channel that will knock your socks off, and a contestant role on a singing competition television show, there is no doubt that Emily Brooke is someone you will be hearing about for years. Mark our words!

At the age of nine, Emily started singing and briefly took lessons, building a foundation on which to develop her God-given talent. Through this development, Emily realized she had a knack for the guitar as well. At the age of ten, the talented predominantly self-taught singer and guitarist performed for the first time at a local coffee shop. Emily explained that, at first, she “was really nervous so I made my dad play with me!” However, it became very clear very quickly that Emily was born to be in the spotlight because, as she told us, once she was done, her dad was shaking and she “had to ask him if HE was okay … because he got more nervous than I did.”

As Emily began to hone her talent more and more, she began to explore opportunities that any aspiring singer would be thrilled to experience. The difference is, Emily is an aspiring singer with immeasurable talent that is undeniably obvious as soon as she hits the opening note of a song. The producers of the television show Opening Act recognized Emily’s raw talent immediately, as they approached her and asked her to audition to open for country megastar Jason Aldean. Ultimately, Emily was the runner-up in the competition.

It was absolutely awesome! We got e-mailed by producers from the show asking to feature me. It sounded like they were just going to show a flash of me and that would be it, but I was actually one of the acts! We didn’t even know I was on the show until one of my fans/friends, Emily C., tweeted me … and of course I flipped out because we had no idea that I was actually going to be on the show! So it was a very exciting experience.

Additionally, Emily has been fortunate enough to open for Casey James and perform in South Florida VIP lounges prior to Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley shows. Emily is humbled by the opportunities she has earned and describes same as “an incredible opportunity to even be in the same vicinity as other amazingly talented artists.”

Clearly Emily has been invited to perform in the same vicinity as these artists because she is, likewise, amazingly talented! Emily has flawlessly covered songs by some of country music’s biggest names, including, but not limited to, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, and Cassadee Pope. We asked Emily how she selects the songs she will cover and she simply explained:

I usually choose songs that I hear on the radio and they just get stuck in my head! I don’t plan it. I just sing and I’m like I love this song, gotta learn it!

As if being a fourteen-year-old singer/guitarist isn’t enough, Emily also writes original songs and is working on learning the piano. When asked from where Emily draws her inspiration when writing her original songs, she explained:

my inspiration for writing has always come from personal experiences that have happened. I usually start off with lyrics and a format that flows with the story that I’m trying to portray in my writing. Then I move on to finding a good rhythm and chords to go along the lyrics that just makes everything come together.

While Emily is capable of writing alone, she prefers writing with others to get over the hump many refer to as “writer’s block.”

Lucky for country music fans out there, Emily found just the right co-writers to work alongside her and was able to produce her first full-length album entitled Here Right Now. While we would love to identify some of these co-writers for you, Emily strategically informed us that “if you buy the album, look at the little print with songwriters’ names under the songs you might be amazed … Very lucky to get some of the amazing songwriters’ songs.” In other words, buy the album, all. You will NOT be disappointed! Emily’s fans have certainly taken a liking to the album, as Emily explained to us that she is on the brink of filming a music video in Tennessee for a single, Dance Hall, off her album, which was funded by the fans.

It is clear that the fans who have invested their time and money into Emily are investing in a thriving talent. Emily shared with us that she has been “working really hard since I was 10 and this is what I really want to do and I will keep working really hard for it. Never give up!” And give up on Emily, we will not. We are utterly impressed with what she has shown us so far and we cannot wait to see what her incredibly bright future holds. From the moment we heard her cover of Cassadee Pope’s “Wasting All These Tears,” we knew we discovered someone special. We are honored to introduce you to Emily Brooke and have no doubt we will be covering her career in the years to come!

Watch Emily Brooke through the years

Emily Brooke

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