Country Music #CMchat’s #25DaysOfCountryChristmas: @LoCashCowboys

Who needs six geese a-laying when you can have Reviver Music Nashville’s first signees, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, collectively LoCash Cowboys, on the sixth day of Christmas?

Country Music #CMchat loves this talented, unique, and hilarious duo, and we’re pretty sure that you will fall in love with them too (if you haven’t already) after seeing this video. Putting a humorous spin on this time of year, the LoCash Cowboys show us what it’s like to prepare for a true country Christmas. Trade in your Santa hats and reindeer antler headbands; a sock cap or Bass Pro Shop trucker hat is perfectly acceptable to them!

LoCash Cowboys infuse their distinct blend of country, rock, and hip hop into “What Time Is It?,” celebrating the season and showing off the fun that could only be had if you were going home with them for the big day. Ugly sweaters, camo Snuggies, eggnog, and a table full of rowdy folks are indications of what time of the year it is in LoCash Land. The party continues throughout the video, showing grandma dancing, relatives pie’ing each other in the face, and “Uncle Cousin Johnny” getting excited about Santa’s arrival.

TIMBERRRRR … no, that wasn’t the sound of Preston and Chris cutting down a Christmas tree. That was you … falling in love with LoCash Cowboys.

Watch “What Time Is It?” by LoCash Cowboys


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