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It’s day twenty-one of our twenty-five days of Christmas, and today we bring you the R&B’esque vocal stylings of Ms. Sonia Leigh on her new song “Thank God It’s Christmas.” While the song shares its name with a Queen holiday hit, Sonia’s track could not be more distinguished from what the amazing Freddy Mercury sung many moons ago.

An original, jazzy ballad about this magical time of the year, Sonia croons about love in the air and the winter wonderland dream we are all living in as Christmas draws near. The song begins with Sonia’s description of strolling down the street, hands in pockets, seeing all the beauty the season has to offer, which leads me to propose this question: Does anybody NOT love sightseeing around christmastime? The answer is likely a resounding “no,” minus those few who give Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money.

What sets Sonia apart from the rest of us who, likewise, wander down the street and drive past houses in complete wonderment over the gorgeous decorations and lights that seem to make the world a happier and seemingly more peaceful place, is that she can use her undeniably spectacular vocals to describe the scene before her. Once again, Sonia Leigh shows the universe just how special her talent is, brilliantly opting to release a holiday track in conjunction with her new single, “When We Are Alone,” ensuring her name and voice are being heard by the masses; because once you hear Sonia, you won’t forget her.

All I can say is, if we are going to get sentimental and sensational songs like this one during this particular time of year, well, thank God it’s Christmas!

Listen to Sonia Leigh’s “Thank God It’s Christmas”

Sonia Leigh

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