25 Reasons to Love @TaylorSwift13

Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the birth of a musical prodigy. On December 13, 1989, bouncing bundle of joy, Taylor Alison Swift, was born and, little did her parents know, this date marked the arrival of a girl who would change the face of music forever.

Now, Country Music #CMchat realizes that Taylor has departed from the country industry to pursue a pop path, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t dedicate over eight years to the genre that raised her into the phenomenon she is today. Thanks to Taylor, country music became more widespread and beloved by those who may not have given it a chance before. So, for that, we should be ever-so-thankful to the girl who turned being a bitter ex-girlfriend into multi-million dollar songs.

On Taylor’s twenty-fifth birthday, Country Music #CMchat celebrates this artist who catapulted herself to “legend” status at an age during which most are still trying to even be heard by the industry. To honor Taylor, we give you the twenty-five reasons we love her, and will continue to do so, no matter where her musical road may lead her.

Thank you to Nicole Piering for her help with this list!

1. Taylor made it cool to be a gherm before being a gherm was a thing. Cool gherms write songs named after artists … and strike platinum with them.

Taylor Swift Tim McGraw

2. She has the coolest BFFs.

Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift\ Lorde Taylor

3. She named her cat after a Law and Order character.

Meet Olivia Benson.

Ett foto publicerat av Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

4. Beyonce may have had the best music video of all time, but Taylor proved she’s the epitome of grace under Kanye-fire.

5. She taught us that the best things in actually life AREN’T free.

Taylor Swift spotify

6. She took one for the team and proved what we all knew all along … singers shouldn’t try to act.

7. She taught us that you can go for a run outdoors and still maintain a face of perfect makeup.

Taylor Swift Fan Photo Shoot

8. She brings new meaning to the phrase “dance like no one’s watching” even when EVERYONE is watching.

9. She helped girls perfect their surprised faces for selfies.

Taylor Swift surprise 3

Taylor Swift surprise 2

Taylor swift surprise

10. She made goats cool.


11. She throws a mean house party.

12. She made us stop hating the movie Groundhog Day when she told us about going back to December all the time.

Taylor Swift Back to December lyrics

13. She singlehandedly changed the superstition of 13 being unlucky to being everyone’s favorite number.


14. She isn’t afraid to name-drop her not so famous friends (poor Abigail)…and her more famous friends or exes (“Hey Stephen,” “Dear John”).

Taylor Swift Abigail

Taylor Swift Stephen Barker Liles

VEVO Launches Premiere Destination for Premium Music Video - Inside

15. She embraces life at every age.

Taylor Swift Fifteen

Taylor Swift 22

16. Despite her success, she’s one with the underdog.

17. She made us quicker typists … otherwise, we would never score her concert tickets!

Taylor Swift sold out shows

18. She made it impossible to use the word “never” without following it with “ever ever.”

19. She makes puzzles cool.

In my album booklets, I love to have the lyrics written out to the songs, but using capital letters I like to encode secret messages into the lyrics. So either all the words are lowercase and there is random capital letters or all the words are capital and there is random lowercase and if you write out all those odd letters, it spells out either a story or a message. I love that part of it. I think an album should be so many different things. It should be even a game.

20. Forget Donny and Marie, she proves that it’s okay to be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.



21. Hell hath no fury like a famous woman scorned.

Taylor Swift Exes

22. Move over, Norman Bates. There’s a new “psycho” in town.

Taylor Swift Blank Space

23. She needn’t receive a formal invite to show up to a party.

24. She takes time to give back.

25. When you’re Taylor Swift, Aretha Franklin sings “Happy Birthday” to you for your twenty-fifth birthday.

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