3 Life Lessons To Take Away From Lee Brice’s “Boy”

I remember when I first fell in love with country music. I was in high school and I was going through some stuff. Those years can feel like the most stressful time of years of your life. You feel like no one understands what you’re going through, especially your parents, and that was where music, specifically this genre of music came into my life. Country music makes you feel like someone “gets it” and offers you guidance when you sure as heck don’t want it from anyone else because you know it all. Lee Brice gets that. His newest single, “Boy” is the advice you hear about growing up, from someone you’ll actually listen to, written for his son. Here are some of my biggest takeaways since listening to it, and let’s be honest, hitting the replay button 20 times in the past 30 minutes. These are 3 life lessons I learned from Lee Brice’sBoy.”

It’s okay to mess up and enjoy it sometimes:

Brice sings,

“You’re gonna love seventeen/and boy you’ll do some stupid things. You’re gonna drive, and kiss, and throw a punch and grow up way too fast/You’re gonna drop the ball, hit the wall and break some hearts like glass.”

Seventeen is a tough age because you feel so close to being a legal adult that you want your independence and your parents still see you as a kid, because well, you are, and no matter if you’re 10, 35, or 75 you’ll always be their kid. Brice sings as the adult, the parent who gets that and says, you’ll do some stupid things and that’s okay, don’t forget to enjoy it because I did it too.

Sometimes you’ll talk and your mother/father will come out:

It’s one of the oldest sayings, but it’s true. Even though it may not make their lives any easier your parents are proud of your toughest traits because they know where they came from. Brice sings,

“Boy/You gonna be so stubborn/You get that from your mother/I already see it now you weren’t built for backing down.” And also it is shown again at the end of the chorus which Brice finishes with, “I know you will because you’re a part of me, and a part of you will always be my boy.”

No, it doesn’t mean your parents are always right or you’re going to become your parent’s clone, you decide who you are, but you also wouldn’t be that way if they in some way or some experience didn’t shape you to be. Whether that means following in their footsteps or going against them, they’re still a part of you.

Life will come full circle:

Another expression we hear all the time is “one day when you have kids you’ll understand.” This usually causes you to roll your eyes, but it’s true. My grandma used to tell my dad that he didn’t get his “payback” with me because he was such a tough kid and I was so quiet. Then twelve years later, with my sister she laughed and said he finally got it. She was hyper, and a troublemaker just like he was. I don’t think he truly understood how tough he was until he had to parent a kid like him first hand. He laughs about it, but only sometimes.

Brice shows this as he finishes off the song singing that his son will understand when he finally has a son of his own. Whether you’re a parent, or someday want to be, I would prepare for payback. From what I’ve heard though, it’ll be the best payback of your life and worth every second.

Brice proves with “Boy” that he not only gets life’s up and downs but enjoys them, and teaches others to do so as well. Similar to his other hitsHard To Love,” “A Woman Like You,” and “Love Like Crazy,” Brice shows us as listeners that love is beautiful and it will change your life, no matter what type of love that is, and Boy,” does this just as well just through his eyes as a father, instead of as a husband as he has in the past. Brice’s die-hard fans will not be disappointed and see a new, softer side to the country singer. And who knows, it might just make you want to call your parents.

You can pick up Lee Brice new single Boy on iTunes.

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