Songs Perfect for Huntin’ Season

Do you find yourself at work wishing you were in a tree stand instead? Are there just not enough hours in the day or months in the year for you to grab your bow/arrow or your rifle and kill that 10 point buck you’ve been stalking? How about that big hog that would look good on your table? Hey, or maybe you would rather let the dogs chase something up a tree? Well, as luck would have it, country music has a song for every feeling and every situation you could possibly be facing in your life as a hunter. So, until you can get a day off from work, get the kids a sitter, or find the perfect hunting spot, let these seven songs remind you of why you enjoy hunting to begin with.

1. Justin Moore – Guns

This song is perfect for all you rifle hunters. “When I was eight I used a muzzle loader to kill my first doe” is just one of the lines that will have you remembering your first hunting adventure. Plus, Justin Moore’s accent is enough to make anyone want to climb a tree stand. Just saying.

2. Johnny Cash – Country Boy

This song is a classic. Johnny Cash has a way of telling stories. Once this song hits your ears, you’ll be calling in sick before you know it.

3. Josh Turner – Backwoods Boy

“Woke up at 5am and put on my camouflage, wiped off my 243, and fired up my dodge.” This song is loved by every hunter in America. It’s like a theme song for those who love the outdoors. Good lyrics and a good melody all revolved around killing a buck; you can’t beat that.

4. Luke Bryan – Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin Bullets

Although I don’t suggest mixing beer and firearms, this song is one of my go to hunting fever songs. Plus, it pretty much fits my life. I spend more time waiting on deer than I do killing them. Go figure.

5. Hank Williams Jr – A Country Boy Can Survive

This song is good for any occasion, however, there is that one line that will make you wish you were out in the woods waiting on your dinner. “We can skin a buck, we can run a trout line and a country boy can survive.”

6. The Bone Collector (feat. Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson) – My Baby Looks Good in Camouflage

This is for all my women hunters out there. “She’s all decked out in brown and green, she’s the sexiest tree I’ve ever seen,” is one of my favorite lines in the song. It’s upbeat, cute, funny and will make all you men out there want to take your lady hunting next time you hit the woods.

7. Blake Shelton – Kiss My Country Ass

This is another song that’s perfect for any occasion but there’s that one line that makes me have major hunting withdrawals. “Turn down a dirt road, rebel flag flying, coon dog in the back,” is a line that gets me every time. It’ll make ya load up the dogs and hit the woods. Although, you might want to wait until it gets dark, unless you just can’t fight the urge anymore.

Do you have a favorite country song that reminds you of being in a tree stand, duck blind or running after some mean ole coon? Tweet me @brittwv and let me know.

Author: Brittany Vance

West Virginia born & bred living life in the DMV. I believe in kind hearts & strong drinks. Mom of two boys and Autism advocate. Music is not only powerful but magical. In the words of Merle Haggard: Good music will live forever. I am here to share that music with each of you.

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