7 Reasons People Shouldn’t Complain About Taylor Swift Not Being Country Anymore

Okay…we GET it. Sure it was a bit hard at first to accept…but we REALLY get it. Taylor Swift is NOT country. Just so we are all clear you should know that we are on the same page with that.  We don’t need the constant reminder every. single. time we post a story about her that…she’s NOT country anymore.  Thanks though.

BUT…what if I threw you a curve ball.? WHAT IF I had 7 blank spaces that I could write in something that’ll prove it’s okay to throw in a Tay Tay story every once in a while. You ready to have your mind blown? Alright…

1. While she have been welcomed to New York when she made the move there last year…she STILL owns a place in Nashville. And Nashville is home to country music.


2.  She has a freakin’ education center with HER name attached to it INSIDE the Country Music Hall of Fame. In which kids are given the opportunity to learn music. Why? Because Taylor donated money to the cause. That money helps the COUNTRY Music Hall OF Fame. So your argument is automatically invalid.


3. Oh she also donated money to help out the Nashville Symphony last year. To the tune of $100,000.  And that’s just really wonderful.


4. Technically she’s still on one of country music’s biggest labels.


5.  Taylor may have made the transition to pop, but not before introducing her MILLIONS of fans to the country music genre. And many of those fans have chose to stay and support other country music artists that they discovered thanks to ol’ Taylor.


6.  She’s still friends with people in the country music industry


7. Annnnd lucky number seven is her new publicist is Tree Paine. The bad ass that has been behind many career’s in country music.


Case closed? Okay? Okay. Good.


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