Aaron Watson Releases Captivating New Album Vaquero

Acquiring the top slot on the charts with an album isn’t a simple task, let alone as an independent artist, but Aaron Watson almost made it look effortless. His last album, The Underdog, made history when it debuted in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts, and his captivating new album, Vaquero, is on track for a repeat effort.

In naming the album, Aaron Watson was feeling especially drawn to the idea of the Spanish horseman known as the vaquero (which inspired the American cowboy). He wrote much of the material for Vaquero in the back of his bus while traveling to over 35 states and six different countries to perform his live show the past couple of years. His road life perspective is sprinkled all over Vaquero, especially in songs like, “Rolling Stone.” Aaron Watson wrote half of the 16 tracks by himself, and the other half he co-wrote with trusted collaborators such as Mac MacAnally and Leslie Satcher. You’ll hear everything from tender, romantic love songs like, “Take You Home Tonight” and “Be My Girl” to the fatherly relationship he has with his daughter in, “Diamonds and Daughters” to classic Texas country vibes in “Texas Lullaby” and “One Two Step at a Time.”

In January, I interviewed Aaron Watson at Joe’s Live in Rosemont, IL, and he admitted that his successes are due, in large part, to his fans. Therefore, he has crafted this album with them in mind.

“It doesn’t matter what state you’re from, people want something that is real. The fans know when music is fake. I’ve worked for two years on this project (Vaquero), and I poured my heart and soul into it. It’s just me overemphasizing who I am – unapologetically Texan. It’s about staying true to yourself.” – Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson never takes his fans for granted, and he has learned how to keep giving them what they want while staying true to his brand. “I think the game has changed a lot with social media – we pay attention to those kinds of things,” he confessed, which has likely contributed to his charting successes. With that mindset, a similar result is sure to be expected with Vaquero. However, Aaron Watson wants to be clear that he doesn’t create music with the loftiest priority being a top selling album, because he serves a higher purpose. “Every night we pray to God and ask him to use our music as an instrument to glorify His Kingdom, and we’re just going to give him this album and let Him do with it what He chooses.”

If you’re tired of the radio-trendy tunes that only seem to continuously exemplify modern-day hook-up culture to a new set of text, then Vaquero will rejuvenate your music palate with wholesome, clever lyrics set to traditional country sounds such as the steel guitar and jaunty banjo licks. Vaquero is like closing your eyes and making a musical escape to Texas whenever you desire.

You can purchase Vaquero now, and if you’d like to watch him perform up close and personal, be sure to check out his upcoming tour dates!

Author: Tiera Bolt

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