CMchatLIVE.com website is home of the largest 24/7 Music & Entertainment Hashtag community, Country Music’s #CMchat and has generated well over *10 Billion impressions on Twitter, with more than 100,000 unique contributors, creating 500,000+ tweets since it started in May 2011.*

CMchatLIVE.com, #CMchat on Twitter, Twangout on Google+, and Creator/Host Jessica Northey are leading sources for news, information, and entertainment in the Country Music Industry. CMchatLIVE.com website shares Country Music News and Entertainment, hoping to motivate, inspire, and touch Country Music fans’, as well as industry professionals’, lives. CMchat always puts digital innovation first to help empower others. Named as Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer, Jessica Northey, has more than a million monthly views and 2.5 million social media followers. She has developed one of the most engaged personal brand networks in the world and is a driving force behind the success of Country Music Chat’s digital properties.

views impressions followers shares per mo
100M over 10B* 2.8M 200K

Having a personal network of nearly 3 Million followers, CMchat Founder/Host, Jessica Northey, has been recognized as a Top Social Media Power Influencer by Forbes.comHuffington post, CEO WORLDWashington TimesBit RebelsIncome Diary, KissMetricsSocial Caffeine, and Social Technology Review, just to name a few. Additionally, she is the creator of Finger Candy Media, a boutique firm that helps celebrities, musicians, brands, and businesses use Social Media strategically to accomplish productivity goals.  She is also the first person Merle Haggard followed when he got on Twitter!

We offer packages that include, but are not limited to, sponsoring Monday celebrity Q&A Twitterviews and website and Social Media integration, as well as live events. We ALSO host Twitter/Facebook chats, Google Plus hangouts, concerts, festivals, and fairs that want an innovative and interactive approach to marketing online, offline, and in real-time. Contact us for more details.

How does “#CMchat” work?

– The # symbol is called a “hashtag,” and can be used to mark keywords or topics on many Social Media platforms. By adding the ‘#’ sign before a string of text, the hashtag (#) helps categorize messages. If you have spent any time on Twitter, you have probably noticed that there are many conversations going on at the same time. By using a hashtag (#), you are able to filter through the noise and find folks who are singing your tune!
– “CM” stands for Country Music!
– “Chat” means conversation between anyone using “#CMchat” in a tweet who likes to listen, discuss, and share Country Music Industry information with other Country Music enthusiasts!

In addition to being a 24/7 hashtag community every Monday night on Twitter (beginning at 6pmPT/9pmET), #CMchat has an open source Q&A style discussion with Country Music celebrities, hosted by Jessica Northey. During this hour long conversation on Twitter, Jessica asks guests approximately ten questions for the first thirty minutes, and then the guests usually take questions from the entire community for the second half, with the format occasionally varying, dependent upon the guest. We also host interactive video chats on Google Plus called “Twangouts.”

You can use or follow #CMchat in your tweets or sign in with this link right here on our website: http://www.cmchatlive.com/chat/.

Obviously, there is promotional value for any guest to be exposed to this community, but they are still taking time out of their busy schedules, so please do not drop URL links to your music/website, etc. from 6-7pm PST/9-10pm EST. That is pretty much the only thing we ask. It takes people away from the chat and is not fair to our guests … kind of like Kanye taking the mic from Taylor Swift. Sometimes we also get spammed, and just because it is on the hashtag (#), it doesn’t mean #CMchat controls it.


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*Actual numbers are higher because we have only been tracking hashtag since December 9, 2012 through “Hashtracking.” We started #CMchat in May 2011 but Hashtracking didn’t exist for our first year and half, so you could realistically add 15% to the numbers, and it would still be a lowball. We are most likely well over 15 Billion impression and 600,000 tweets. 

Reach and impression information account for the people who saw, but might not have “joined,” the conversation, similar to billboards, magazines, or people watching television/listening to radio commercials. People are exposed to the tweet/post, but may just want to follow and read the postsCountry Music Chat ~ #CMchat Social Community was created/founded in May 2011 by Multi-Media Personality Jessica Northey.