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Let’s face it, if I wanted to write something and not have conversation I would have a personal journal!

Comments are essential to breeding discussion on the internet, and at times those comments can offer more enlightenment than the article itself!

Commenting Policy:

  1. You are 100% responsible for your comment and represents not only your opinion but also your person. Take that into consideration when you post!
  2. You “Hold Harmless” me and any blog post author that writes for this blog of any and all repercussions, damages, and liabilities.
  3. I reserve the right to moderate, delete, or change any content within a comment as I see fit at any time for no reason. I rarely have to do this and my desire is to keep the comment as original and as with most integrity as possible. When I do moderate and/or change a comment I will make note of it in the comment itself.
  4. You grant me license to use your comment in blog posts, written material, and any other form of publishing. Thanks!

While I will happily accept any and all comments shared, it would be appreciated if you followed a few guidelines:

Commenting Guidelines:

  • Names – I like to engage with my community!  You are welcome to use your real name or online persona.
  • URL – Please use a legitimate and operating URL that you control specifically.
  • Email – Please use a working email address as I may want to contact you directly!
  • Pingbacks are considered comments and will be treated as such.
  • Please use good taste in the content of your comment as well as your word choice. I don’t have issue with “bad” language but if used aggressively or in poor taste.
  • No personal attacks of any kind will be accepted!
  • My goal is to create exceptional value through my blog posts as well as to create a community that creates value as well. Please keep your comment of that type and kind: High Value!
  • Please no affiliate links in your comments and please limit the amount of links in your comment.
  • I will protect your privacy and will not share your email address without your direct consent.
  • I cannot guarantee that I will respond to your comment.
  • I hate spam. There, I said it. I hate spam. Don’t do it! I use Akismet to help me with this.
  • If your comment falls into moderation I will do the best I can to get it out of moderation as quickly as possible. I am very busy so if it “sits” in moderation for some time my apologies!

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