Song Review: Adam Sanders “Somewhere That You Don’t Go”

He’s already a recognized songwriter, including writes on “Hell Of A Night” recorded by Dustin Lynch and “You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” a number one charted song, recorded by Cole Swindell, but now he is debuting his own music as an artist! Adam Sanders has a new single out on iTunes as well as Sirus XM’s The Highway, “Somewhere That You Don’t Go” and it’s a game changer in the way of break up songs!

Bright vocals and cheery beats bring this song alive. Though it’s a break up theme, “Somewhere That You Don’t Go” isn’t your typical ‘eat Ben and Jerry’s while willowing in your sorrows’ ballad, it’s more of a ‘grab a beer with your friends and dance ’til it no longer hurts’ kind of jam.

“I’ve been hangin’ right here where the beer ain’t cold, catchin’ second hand smoke ’cause the regular crowd who don’t know your name, the way you broke my heart. Yeah, the whiskey’s watered down, neon don’t glow, but it’s somewhere that you don’t go”.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, made memories together at your local bar and partied with a mutual group of friends, only to have your heart broken in the end, then you will surely relate to the gut-dropping feeling that Sanders conveys as the motive of “Somewhere That You Don’t Go”. The lyrics support the decision to be somewhere you may hate because that misery still trumps bringing back memories or the risk of running into an ex. It’s a song that isn’t lyrically the most joyful, but paired with hopeful instrumentals, it will not only relate to your break up, but will motivate you to embrace your situation and go out anyway- specifically somewhere that your ex wouldn’t go! So wipe away your tears, round up some friends, and head out, cranking this song up in the car as you go!

ALSO keep your eyes tuned here to Country Music’s #CMchat cause a little birdy told me that we’re gonna be doing a Twitterview with Adam in just a few weeks!! Can’t wait!

Watch Adam Sanders lyric video for Somewhere That You Don’t Go

adam sanders somewhere that you dont go

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