#CMchat Exclusive Interview: Adley Stump

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, singer/songwriter Adley Stump moved to Nashville amidst her debut as a member of Team Blake on Season 2 of NBC’s The Voice.

Your FaceBook show, The Adley Show, is so funny! Have never seen a more unique sidekick than Chick Norris.

What is the behind the scenes story to you starting the online show?  

“Having viral pieces is incredible, and a great feeling, but when you look at long-term brand building, it isn’t the solution. The only reason to ‘go viral’ is to build an audience that you own, so if you are going wide all the time without any depth, the longevity of your brand isn’t going to be there.

I’d been doing vlogging and had been connecting with influencers much bigger than myself, never asking for much. Rick Lax is a big name on Facebook and they have given him the opportunity to pick three original content creators to give shows to. It’s a testament to keeping your head down and focusing on the long game paying off, because I am by far the smallest creator in that group.

So many creators want to take the short-term gains, but they won’t own anything in the end. Building a brand is a long-term vision, and thankfully Rick saw what I was working towards and gave me a bigger opportunity.”

What can we look forward to seeing in future episodes? 

“Still speaking about longevity, the goofy, ‘viral-style’ prank or click bait theme is good for growth, but over time it could pigeon-hole me into a corner of ‘silliness’ I don’t want to be in. We have some opportunities in the pipeline for network television right now, so The Adley Show is actually about to make a transition into a broader theme. Stay tuned…”

Very funny, but personally still cringing from watching your mom’s reaction to your Mother’s Day prank (I’m a mom and a teacher).

Mother’s Day Prank: Tattooing My Mom’s Face On My Butt 

“I’ll tell you what I haven’t told anyone else, and that the entire thing was real, until the FaceTime call. I didn’t feel like I got the ‘punch’ we needed to wrap the episode, and my mom loves this stuff (I get it all from her) so I told her I was going to FaceTime her back and asked her to rip into me. She nailed it!”

They Stole My Car!

A Chicken Test Driving Luxury Cars

Have to ask, what car did you end up buying? 

“I bought a white Range Rover HSE. I’m totally in love.”

The videos are so well crafted. Read that not only have they gone viral, together they’ve been viewed on Facebook more than 200 million times this year. 

How are you involved in their production? 

“I love this question because it means it looks professional enough to appear that it involved a team. Maybe someday! But for now, I write the episode, handle the logistics, set up the cameras and lighting, run sound and do the editing. The only thing I need someone else for is to just hold the camera when I need full body shots when I’m moving around.”

Makeup Tutorial Contour Fail

And there is your new music video for “What If I Stay.”

What is the backstory to this very relatable, powerful song? 

“This has been the song in every live show that was the one that stood out. Where people would line up after to tell me how much they loved it. I wrote it with Cody (Ed. Note: Hanson) and Marshal (Ed. Note: Dutton) from the rock band Hinder over 6 years ago.

I finally felt it was time to release it and I wanted to write the music video, star in it, and do it with my boyfriend Blake. Thankfully, he agreed! It feels so natural to act with him, he is such a trooper. The arguing scenes were the only ‘weird’ part but we’d laugh right after because I think we were fake arguing about peanut butter and jelly or something like that.

From here, my goal is to of course keep releasing music, but also continue to build The Adley Show into a recognizable online brand, branching into e-commerce and traditional media. But we’ll see what happens.”

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Author: Donna Block

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