Album Review: Kevin Fowler #HowCountryAreYa?

I sat down to do a review, but then I realized it isn’t even necessary. Earl Dibbles Jr says everything you need to about the new Kevin Fowler, “How Country Are Ya?” album in the intro.

“This ain’t some old tard sitting on the front porch with your grandpa drinking unsweetened sweet tea kinda music. It’s Kevin Fowler, Y’ALL! It’s country that’s rockin’. The kinda music that makes you crack a cold one and put a good dip in. You see, it’s beer drinkin’, hell raisin’, even lovin’ up on country girl kinda music. Yup, he’s got it all.”

So, I hope you enjoyed my review!  Be sure to get yourself a copy – it’s available EVERYWHERE you can think of.


how country are ya kevin fowler

Kevin Fowler How Country Are Ya? Track Listing

1)    Intro (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

2)    How Country Are Ya?

3)    Guitars and Guns

4)    Before Somebody Gets Hurt

5)    The Weekend

6)    If I Could Make A Livin’ Drinkin’

7)    Panhandle Poorboy

8)    Borracho Grande

9)    Love Song

10)  Habit I Can’t Break

11)  The Girls I Go With

12)  Beer Me

13)  Mousturdonus

14)  Whiskey and I

15)  Chicken Wing


With six studio albums, a compilation album and a live album already under his belt, Amarillo-born KevinFowler continues to seamlessly deliver his fun-loving and energetic brand of country music to scores of fans around the country. He has garnered 18 Top 5 singles, 10 of which have hit #1 at Texas radio, creating unparalleled staying power in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene. Generating one of the highest percentages of engagement among all country music artists, Fowler’s 360,000+ social media network of fans is just another trademark of his multi-faceted career.  Staying true to his road-warrior reputation, Fowler has plans to bring his impactful live show to numerous regions throughout the country well into 2014 in support of the brand new album.

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