#CMchat Exclusive Interview: Anna LaPrad

Singer/songwriter Anna LaPrad was recently in the NashNext 2017 radio competition (sponsored by Nash FM and Big Machine Records). Although she didn’t win the grand prize, she did receive the most fan votes.  

LaPrad has opened for Randy Houser and Justin Moore. Her song, “Til It Breaks My Heart,” was featured in the Burt Reynolds movie “Category 5.” Now she is getting ready to tour overseas to promote her current single, “Watch It Burn.”

Brief Career Synopsis.

“I moved to Nashville from South Carolina in 2009 and I have been blessed to play music full time; I play in town (Nashville) and I travel with my music. I have recorded an EP, as well as a full album, and I plan to record much more in the future. I’m definitely learning what it means to ‘pay your dues’ and I wouldn’t trade one single second of it for anything else in the world. I can honestly say that I’m loving my life right now and wherever it may lead, I’m just here to enjoy the ride.”

 Your current single, “Watch It Burn,” – what is the backstory to the song?

“The backstory to “Watch It Burn” is pretty simple – my friend and I got together to write and didn’t really have any ideas – so, we drove to the liquor store, picked up some wine, came back and decided to write a story about revenge. I feel like everyone can relate to revenge whether they admit it or not.”

You recently competed in NashNext 2017 and while you may not have won, you did receive the most fan votes. What was the competition experience like?

“First off, I was grateful to have even been a part of NashNext; it was a very humbling experience, to say the least. I met so many talented musicians and, on top of that, to have so many of my family members and friends drive hundreds of miles just to show their support (for only one night and two of my songs) was far beyond my expectations. Also, I had no idea that I had the most fan votes… honestly, I’m still shocked about that one.”

After opening for stars like Randy Houser and Justin Moore – who would you pick to be your opening acts on a future headlining tour?

If I were to headline a tour, for the opening acts…I would have to pick a couple of my favorite songwriters/artists, Hali Hicks and Lori McKenna.”

Next up is your overseas tour in Norway – have you played overseas before?

“I played in Norway in July 2017 and that was my first time playing overseas. I also played in Mexico in October 2017, and both were incredible experiences. I go back to Norway in March and June of 2018 and look forward to doing a full European tour one day.”

 What are the five things you can’t live without?

“Oh, that’s a hard one… Five things I couldn’t live without would have to be:

1. My family

2. My dogs

3. My voice

4. My guitar

5. My phone”


What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

“I have several mottos that I live by, but If I have to choose one… I’ll narrow it down to two:

1. Let your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you

2. Great things never came from comfort zones”

 What is your favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/ for karaoke?

“Ok…. those are three different questions so I’ll give you three different answers:

1. My favorite song to sing in the bar with my band is Susan Tedeschi, ‘Hurt So Bad.’

2. In the car, Francesca Battistelli, ‘Free to Be Me

3. Karaoke, No Doubt, ‘I’m Just a Girl‘”

 Ten years from now you will be…

“Ten years from now I will be ten years older, a little wiser (if all goes as planned, ha!), and touring/sharing my music with the world. I’m pretty stoked about this future of mine!”

 For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in five words:

“1. Sultry

2. Emotional

3. Powerful

4. Edgy

5. Sweet”

 What five artists/songs would I see on your recent playlist?

“1. Lori McKenna

2. Trisha Yearwood

3. Third Eye Blind

4. Brandy Clark

5. Brett Eldredge

 If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

“Oh man, another tough question – but I have to say that I would love to open up for Alan Jackson. It has been a dream of mine since I was a kid.”

 What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing or performing?

“DOWNTIME! I love going for a drive or a hike and hearing nothing but my thoughts, quality time with some of my favorite people and, of course, snuggling with my pups. Oh, and watching Andy Griffith!

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Author: Donna Block

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