Apparently Sunny Sweeney is in a ‘Bad Girl Phase’

The long wait is over Sunny Sweeney fans, but it was certainly worth it.

On Tuesday morning, contributors to Sunny’s Pledge Music campaign woke up with a very welcome surprise in their inboxes – a link to download “Bad Girl Phase” – her first new single since 2011’s Drink Myself Single!

“Bad Girl Phase,” which was written by Sunny, Brandy Clark, Jessie Jo Dillon and Shannon Wright also debuted Tuesday on SiriusXM – The Highway, finds the Texas singer/songwriter at her finest and feistiest in a sure to be honkeytonk staple for years to come. The mid-tempo tune burns with jangly guitars and Sunny’s sweet southern drawl. Lyrically, the song makes two things abundantly clear: the woman in the song is now playing by her own rules when it comes to what’s right for her, right now, and she doesn’t give a damn about the consequences or what anyone thinks about her new way of living.

The song starts out with a woman preparing herself physically and mentally for a night of revelry.

“Gonna line my eyes

Gonna paint them black

Gonna lose red lipstick to a whiskey glass

I want one of those nights

That goes on for days

I’m in a bad girl phase”

By the second verse, we learn that she’s not going to be tied down to just one man either. She’s keeping her options wide open. This bad girl phase is all about living in the moment. And, she’s looking for good time, not love.

“Yeah I know

Where the good book stands

But right now I just can’t love one man

My moral compass is taking a break

I’m in a bad girl phase”

As the chorus arrives she freely admits that the angel on her shoulder is on vacation and the beer drinkin’, cigarette smokin’ devil is not only running the show, but also interviewing multiple candidates for her company.

“The devil on my shoulder’s got my ear right now

And the devil on my shoulder wants a beer right now and a cigarette and a new boyfriend or two

Because ones no fun and loves just a waste on good girl goin’ through a gone wild state

So don’t be fooled by this angel face

I’m in a bad girl phase”

Unapologetic, the protagonist is willing to accept any criticisms on her newly-found liberation, but is quick to point out that those objecting secretly wish they could find the same kind of freedom in their own lives.

“So you can throw stones

At my hell-bent heart

I’m just doing in the light what you want to do in the dark

And I won’t be sorry for all the hell I raise

I’m in a bad girl phase”

 After a final chorus, she proudly unleashes her new mantra.

“Good girls say no

Bad girls say I’m there

Good girls go to heaven

Bad girls go everywhere

Good girls say no

Bad girls say I’m there

Good girls go to heaven

And I’m going everywhere”

Look out boys!

Sunny Sweeney’s new single “Bad Girl Phase” is available at Amazon and iTunes. Her yet-to-be titled new album comes out on August 5th.

sunny sweeney bad girl phase

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