#BreakingTheIce: Ashliegh Lisset

Texas gal and all around sassy pants Ashliegh Lisset has been doing her thing in the country music community. She is beautiful and exceptionally talented! A beautiful voice and a well-rounded artist are hard to find, but Lisset has the “it factor.” In a world where women are over looked and under rated, she continues to impress ears and eyes all over the map. She’s something special.

1. Where are you answering these questions from and what are you wearing

From my bed, in pajamas ha!

2. What’s your official title and favorite thing about what you do?

Country singer. My favorite thing is definitely being able to sing about all my feelings, and share that with people.

3. What are 3 things you CANNOT live without?

Music, my headphones, and hot cheetos (ha!).

4. What’s the first concert you’ve ever attended?

Britney Spears + *NSYNC when they toured together!

5. How long have you been playing music?

Professionally for about 10 years now. I started performing locally when I was 12 and came to Nashville when I was 15.

6. What’s the hardest life lesson you’ve learned?

That things don’t always work out the way you think they’re going to.

7. Do you have a favorite restaurant or hang out spot in music city?

Gigi’s is my favorite hang out spot! I make sure to go every time I’m in town because they have the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever tasted! I could probably eat a dozen all by myself!

8. Beer or whiskey?

Beer, shiner preferably, Texas forever!

9. Who is your favorite country singer from the 90s?

Garth Brooks!

10. If you could duet with any male artist, who would you pick & why?

Sam Hunt! He has a lot of the r&b flare that I like, and I think we could come up with something really funky and fun!

11. Do you have a favorite place to perform?

CMA FEST! It’s always such a blast every time I get to perform there!

12. What’s one gift you will never forget?

Carrie Underwood’s  “Some Hearts” cd for Christmas the year it was released. It was given to me before my dad was killed in the war, and my go to after his death. He was a huge Carrie fan and she’s been a huge inspiration throughout my career.

13. What current event has your eyes and ears? What are you doing about it? 

The military will always have my heart and soul. I have been an ambassador for Folds of Honor for about 3 years.  I love everything they do for people like me, who’ve lost a loved one in the war. I will continue to work with them for years to come.

14. How do you think songwriters play a vital role in music today?

Songwriters are very important! They are the core of the music industry and without their creativity, us singers wouldn’t have a shot at success. They help mold today’s music.

15. What’s been the highlight of your career thus far?

So far,  “Kill The Headlights” has been a big part of my career. It has opened a lot of doors for me and created many opportunities. Now, we’re starting new with my single “Goodbye.” It’s going to be fun to see where this single takes me!

16. You’re making your favorite sandwich… what’s on it?

BLT’s are the way to my heart! Bacon, lettuce and tomato..easy and tasty. 

17. Name one artist of any genre besides country that you are a fan of and tell us why?

Rihanna, because ahh she’s just so good! Her vocals and her stage performance are always on point! 

18. What makes you laugh out loud?

Internet memes!

19. Fill in the blank: Females in country music are….


20. Fill in the blank: Country music has made me…

Stronger, more determined.

Author: Brittany Vance

West Virginia born & bred living life in the DMV. I believe in kind hearts & strong drinks. Mom of two boys and Autism advocate. Music is not only powerful but magical. In the words of Merle Haggard: Good music will live forever. I am here to share that music with each of you.

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