Best of 2014 Country Music Albums #14from2014 (Poll)

What do you think were the best of 2014 Country Music Albums?

In alphabetical order, here is Country Music #Cmchat’s 14 Best albeit, what our community et al considers their FAVORITE Country Music albums released in 2014! Note that I surveyed nearly 100 various community members, friends, family, contributors, Country Music Tastemakers, Publicists, Artist Relations professionals, Country Music Radio friends,  and other Music journalists…I gave them no criteria of whether it was released to radio, internet, indie etc, all I asked was, what we’re you listening to in 2014?….and these were by far the most voted for, without any question. So if you don’t see your favorite artist on here, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a stunning amazing epic year, it just means the people I turned to for a group conscience had other ideas….plus with 100’s of albums coming out each year, to narrow down to 14 was really tough, especially with so much talent out there.  I have to add that I am little bummed there weren’t more women on here, and am hoping 2015 is really the ‘Year of the WOman’, although I think we’ve been trying to predict “year of the woman” for a long time but I really hope it is this year.

Anything Goes – Florida Georgia Line

“Anything Goes is the second studio album from, Florida Georgia Line and follows their 2012 release, Here’s to the Good Times. I just love anything these guys do, I love how their connect with fans and understand how to entertain them! Anything Goes is a great title for an album that was filled fun times and feel good music.”
Ms Willie, #Cmchat Community Member

Bringing Back the Sunshine – Blake Shelton

“Blake Shelton’s album, “Bringing Back The Sunshine” did exactly that in 2014. In a time when many artists pushed the envelope with trying new sounds, this album carried a sonically cohesive country sound that represented its roots that were obviously deep in that Oklahoma ground. The album boasted 2 hit singles in 2014 (and Lonely Tonight is still climbing).  Another home run for Mr. Shelton!”
Ashley Anne Contributor & Feature Writer

Gravity – Big & Rich

“As Big & Rich, John Rich and Big Kenny Alphin have exerted a definite ‘gravitation pull to the direction modern Country music has taken. Their much anticipated 2014 project, GRAVITY provides a stellar example of the genius of their creative brotherhood – the result of two unique musical personalities colliding to form an even greater positive sum total. They are America’s Technicolor cowboys, brothers – in – arms in service to the creed that great music has no boundaries.”
Amazon Editorial Review 

I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

“Lee Brice is the complete package. On the outside, you get this sexy man, rugged and strong. And when he sings, you get the substance of the man. He writes songs that cover a gamut of emotions. On Lee’s 2014 album, I Don’t Dance, he fluidly stretches himself all around some modest bro-country to animated to feisty to amusing to storytelling ballads. We have the fun and down home ode to the American Drinking Class to his pulling on the heartstrings love song I Don’t Dance and the carefree self assurance he exudes when singing the campy Girls in Bikinis.”
Elise Wechsler Tiripicchio, Contributor

Just As I Am – Brantley Gilbert

“‘Just As I Am’ is a album about love, rough situations and good times. Whether you’re a bad boy, or a southern belle, there’s a song for everyone on this album. “I’m Gone” is a emotional ballad that speaks about falling out of love with someone who wasn’t the right person to begin with and then there’s “Let It Ride” which is about going with the flow in a relationship and just letting things happen how they are suppose to happen , whatever the circumstances are in your life, I’m sure there is a song you can relate to on this album. Brantley is a story teller and this album is his novel.
Brittany Contributor

Man Against Machine – Garth Brooks

“After 13 years of no full-length studio album, Garth Brooks returned with a collection of reminders of why we love him, as well as introductory tracks for new fans. With “Rodeo and Juliet” being reminiscent of “It’s Midnight Cinderella” and “Long Neck Bottle,” longtime fans were transported back in time to their formative years; while songs like “Tacoma” showed new fans why “Garth” has been a household name for over 25 years.”
Jen Swirsky#CMchat/ Editor/Partner

Metamodern Sounds in Country Music – Sturgill Simpson

“…sometimes hype does reflect reality. Simpson will surely be all over Americana and mainstream country best of lists [this year], and rightly so. The Kentuckian’s success is more than a bro-country backlash. Simpson channels 70’s hard outlaw country, spiked with bluegrass dexterity into songs that feel genuine. His topics are a contemporary a Kristoffersonion introspection of spirituality, identity and mind-altering substances.” 
Baron Lane, Creator Twang Nation & GRAMMYs Americana Blogger

Montevallo – Sam Hunt

“Montevallo is one of my favorite albums of 2014 because it pushes the controversial envelope on what is “country”. His lyrics are pure country, eluding to growing up in a small town in “Raised On It” & his smash hit “Leave The Night On”. He reveals to us what romance looks like, country style in “Speakers”. With songs that sound more “hip hop” musically, like “Break Up In A Small Town” and “Ex To See” he gives us a glimpse into what a country/hip hop music baby would sound like – and I think I’m speaking for most of us out here that we like what we hear and we look forward to more of this exciting new sound in 2015!”
Tierra Bolt, Contributor & Feature Writer

Old Boots New Dirt – Jason Aldean

“Jason Aldean keeps getting better over time. Old Boots, New Dirt gives a glimpse into true artistry, both as a performer, and one who knows how to choose a song that best relates to his life and the kind of country music he wants to sing, he’s always stayed true to himself.  Whether it’s singing songs about how your lover makes you feel, the kind of relationship that drives you wild, or those moments that made you who you are and defined your life–those old boots setting foot on new dirt to make more memories, one things for sure–the pathway to success isn’t “just getting started,” Jason Aldean has finally found his place, both with music and love.”
Kimberly Contributor

The Outsiders – Eric Church

“From the metal bombast of the title track, to the somber sentimentality of “Give Me Back My Hometown,” to the playfulness and musical acrobatics of “Cold One,” The Outsiders is not only Eric Chruch’s most sonically diverse album, it’s also his finest to date.”
Scott Colvin, Contributor & Feature Writer

Platinum – Miranda Lambert

“In a genre that’s currently oversatuaturated with bros and party anthems, Miranda isn’t afraid to be herself. And what’s most endearing is that that very self ranges from nostalgic (“Automatic”) to badass (“Somethin’ Bad”) to vulnerable (“Holding on to You”). Lambert is also a stellar storyteller on the likes of “Priscilla,” a harmonizer on “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” and a down home country girl on “Another Sunday in the South,” making Platinum easily one of 2014’s most stellar offerings.”
Nicole Piering#CMchat/ Editor/Feature Writer

Riser – Dierks Bentley

“Riser is Dierks Bentley’s seventh album, but shows how an artist can evolve over the course of a career. Whether he’s “Drunk On A Plane” or ‘holding on’ to things he believes in, the twelve songs are all equally well written and masterfully produced.”
Scotty Bredin Country Music #Cmchat Feature Editor/Writer/Designer

Thanks for Listening – Colt Ford

“Colt Ford, a #CMchat One to Watch in 2014 really gave fans some exciting music to say, “Thanks for Listening.” A buffet of some of the hottest names in country music, the worst thing about this album was trying to pick which song was my favorite. This Yallternative flavored masterpiece came together to create distinct layers of traditional artists that added a complexity to each track that hasn’t been heard before. Stacked with upbeat, well-produced excitement, it is a MUST HAVE.”
Jessica Northey  (this is me)

The Way I’m Living – Lee Ann Womack

“Long regarded as one of country music’s finest female vocalists, Womack finally returns with her first new album since 2008’s Grammy-nominated Call Me Crazy. Produced by Womack’s husband, Frank Liddell, famed for his work with Miranda Lambert, among others, the new album marks Womack’s debut on Sugar Hill Records.”
Rolling Stone

Let us know what your fav Country Album of 2014 was?

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