Unforgettable Twitterview Moments of 2014 – Country Music #CMchat 7 Quick Clicks

During Country Music #CMchat Twitterviews, you never know what you are going to get. It may be a quiet night, filled with well-considered, thoughtful responses, or the you-know-what may simply hitteth the fan. That is part of why we love Monday nights at #CMchat — the unpredictability of the hour that stands before us.

What else may happen? Well, we may have a drive-by celebrity visitor:

Or we may find a guest who has perfected the art of answering in one hundred and forty characters (times eight).

And then there was that one time Cassadee Pope answered every community question and as many fan questions as humanly possible.

How many hands and screens does Cassadee have?! We can’t even begin to choose which of Cassadee’s tweets to embed here because she rocked #CMchat so hard, but here are both wrap-ups (the first time two wrap-ups were done for one guest) so you can see what we mean. Click here for the Twitterview wrap-up and click here for Cassadee’s fan interactions.

The fact of the matter is, you just never know what is going to happen on any given Monday night on Twitter when it comes to Jessica Northey, the Country Cadre, and our #CMchat celebrity guests. With that being said, here are some of our favorite moments of our 2014 Twitterviews with the stars:

1. Charlie Daniels gives fans more than they bargained for:

2. Speaking of Charlie Daniels, Jo Dee Messina also got a special piece of Charlie when he offered her these sound words of advice:

3. The fact that Jessica Northey got to start a Twitterview off with the words “We’re excited to get our #CMchat started with @Clint_Black” is a memorable moment in itself:

4. There was this one night Dallas Davidson used #CMchat to announce some big life events … he later deleted his Twitter, but we remember that evening, even without the embedded tweet proof:

5. And then there was this other night when Danielle Bradbery, likewise, shared a big life event … and her unwavering gratitude toward her fans:

6. Kenny Rogers and his mom, Lucille, taught us a valuable life lesson:

7. And then there was the ever-so-profound Craig Morgan who eloquently stated:

And it has changed each and every one of ours.

Oh, during the same Twitterview, Craig also shared his health and beauty tips regarding how to look as dapper as he does when you hit fifty years young:

We had so many landmarking Twitter moments over the year and we couldn’t squeeze them all into a 7 Quick Clicks, but we would love to hear the ones that stand out to all of you. Leave us a comment here or tweet us @CMchatLIVE and share with us your favorite Twitterview moment of 2014!

Thank you to each and every one of our spectacular guests for helping make 2014 one for the books. And fans, followers, and friends, we will see you all back here next year for an even more exciting 2015!

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