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Country Music #CMchat had the pleasure of having a #Twitterview with legendary duo Big & Rich (Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich), and a wonderful time was had by all! I mean, who wouldn’t have a blast with these two men with amazing senses of humor and talent to boot?! I’ll give you a hint: NO ONE!

Before our Twitterview, we knew that we were getting ready to spend the hour with a duo that has several Top 40 songs, five studio albums (the most recent of which is Gravity, and Nicole Piering’s phenomenal review can be read here), and enough writing credits to choke a horse *insert obligatory “save a horse” joke here*. We also knew that we had a couple of CMA, ACM, and CMT Award nominees on our hands, which makes them kind of a big (and rich) deal. Oh, and I needn’t forget to mention the abundantly extensive catalog of artists these two have worked with that, if we attempted to name them all, would go on for days.

But that’s all yesterday’s news, right? We want to learn something new today; expand our horizons a bit, if you will. So, what did we learn at the Country Music #CMchat Twitterview? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that gravity played no role in the evening, as we were completely knocked off our feet by the awesomeness of the chat. First of all, we learned that Sundays in the Big & Rich relationship aren’t too friendly, as John is a Dallas Cowboys fan, while Kenny roots for the Washington Redskins.

In regard to their careers, we found out that John is a fan of Maddie and Tae and would love to work with them; you know, make them the girls in his country song. On the other hand, Kenny would love to work with Avicii, proclaiming his respect for the MuzikMafia style. We also were told that the guys employ technology and social media to share music they are listening to (especially their own) and spend a cozy Monday night with Country Music #CMchat!

Want to find out more about Big Kenny and John Rich? Maybe who they admire in the music industry? Perhaps how they are able to seamlessly shift their writing style? Or are you possibly dying to know what John used his mustache for back when he was a teenager?

For the answers to these questions and oh-so-much-more, we bring you the infamous Country Music #CMchat wrap-up! You may want to read through the end. We had another surprise star cameo during this Twitterview!

Oh, and kicking off the awesome chat was Jessica Northey with THIS gem of a welcome:



In case you missed anything after the words “FREAK PARADE” because you were laughing uncontrollably (as was I), here are the questions and answers in Tweet form:














Make sure to pick up Big & Rich’s new album Gravity, available now (use the link in the tweet below to access the album on iTunes)!

And we had another special cameo tonight. Mr. Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys, all!

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