Billy Shaw Jr. is a “Cowboy at Heart” #SingleReview

Cowboy at Heart starts out like an old western song.  Taking us to the days where the fiddle dominated Country music, and I’m not complaining because Billy Shaw Jr. is bringing Country back, with some help from his fiddle.

“I don’t rope, I don’t ride,

No, I sit behind a desk from 9-5.

But I say yes ma’am and help my neighbor,

And I ain’t afraid of heavy labor.

No, I can’t help where I got my start, but I’m a cowboy,

A cowboy at heart.”

Billy’s raspy and husky voice draws every listener in. I’m fascinated by the lyrics and have had this song on repeat. He becomes vulnerable talking about his childhood, how he grew up, and how that shaped him as the artist he is today.

“Raised by momma cuz my daddy didn’t wanna” 

Towards the end of the song, Billy gets the entire crowd involved, so even if you’re listening behind your desk, he still makes you feel like you’re in some old town saloon in Tucson, Arizona. These are the best types of songs and “Cowboy at Heart” is a knockout.

It’s like he comes out of his shell when he starts to sing. His nine to five job is in Internet Technology and his horn rimmed Clark Kent-esque glasses are how people remember him. He reminds me of Bobby Bones and he’s just as charismatic. But something changes when he picks up a fiddle. I don’t think anyone would suspect a voice like that on a guy who looks like Billy Shaw Jr.

Last year Billy Shaw Jr., made National Press becoming a finalist in Cumulus Radio and Big Machine Records Nash Next Star.  I have no doubt that this is just the beginning for the Billy Shaw Jr Band considering this is his first official single, plus his band is a big contender in the upcoming #NashNext competition for 2017.

With an album coming early 2018, I think Cowboy at Heart is just the start to get people talking about Billy Shaw Jr.

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Billy Shaw Jr Cowboy at Heart


Tucson native Billy Shaw Jr’s signature black-framed glasses scream mild-mannered Clark Kent, but when he puts bow to fiddle, he transforms into a Country Music Superman. By day, Billy Shaw Jr is a patient yet outgoing geek. At night, the virtuoso transforms an unassuming stage with his unique Soulful Southwestern Rock Country sound.

As a shy fourth grader, the musician-in-training focused on classical violin style. In college, Billy expanded his musical repertoire to include guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, harmonica, and a mean tambourine.

Through Church Shaw realized he enjoyed singing and found his true calling when he took the stage at a karaoke contest. A few contest wins later, he joined a band. 8 years later, his strings and vocals have been heard across his hometown with a number of groups. In 2016 after winning Cumulus Radio’s Nash Next Country Star locally, he went on to place Top 8 in the Nation, and then started his namesake band. The Billy Shaw Jr Band has quickly become one of the most highly sought after acts in town.

Friends call Billy a “High Tech Redneck (Mayberry meets Star Trek},” after the George Jones song. His smooth emotion-filled raspy vocals are as unique as his nickname. Add the pure joy he brings every show, fans can continue to look forward to fun concerts for many years to come.

Billy Shaw Jr is joined by an all-star cast of bandmates: Laki Skouras – Guitar/Vocals, AJ Gonzales – Bass/Vocals and Carlos Solorzano – Drums/Vocals.

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