[email protected] & @JimmyFallon Take #TheWhisperChallenge (Watch!)

Blake Shelton has been on a whirlwind lately, promoting his upcoming host/musical guest stint on the infamous SNL. Last night he visited with comedic night show host, Jimmy Fallon, to discuss the big gig, and started flexing his skit performance muscles.

During his time with Jimmy, the two funny guys engaged in a round of “The Whisper Challenge,” which entails saying something while the other is wearing headphones, trying to make him repeat what was said solely based on lip-reading. Semi-confused by what the purpose of this was, Blake asked “Is it something stupid we’re doing or is it like … you keepin’ score?” Who knew Blake had such a competitive side???

blake shelton the voice

Oh, yes, of course you knew, Blake. Silly me.

Anyway, Jimmy explained it was all in good fun and then the challenge began. Blake immediately became frustrated with the game, showing signs of limited life experience with lip-reading. Expressing the “fun” he was(n’t) having, Blake told Jimmy “This is the stupidest thing I have ever been a part of. Literally. In my entire career.” At least he’s honest…

If you want to know about Blake’s stretched out pee-pee or learn more about the “thing” that is Benedict Cumberbatch, look no further than the video below.

Don’t forget to catch Blake Shelton on SNL tomorrow night, January 24th, as he takes on the dual role of host and musical guest! We will be live tweeting the episode, so make sure you are following @CMchatLIVE on Twitter to discuss the show with us as it is happening.

Watch Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon Take “The Whisper Challenge”

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