[email protected] Launches New Song from @NASA (Listen!)

Brad Paisley has generated quite a bit of attention surrounding his upcoming album Moonshine in the Trunk with his rebellious tweets, leaks, and YouTube videos. Now, Brad has taken his ploys to new heights, tweeting and leaking clips of a song from the album while standing on a NASA launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

On Saturday, hours before Brad took the stage in West Palm Beach, he stopped at NASA and hit social media to announce the track “American Flag on the Moon” that will appear on his new album. The song is one of hope and allowing yourself to dream even the biggest and most unattainable dreams because, as Brad points out, what seems impossible isn’t necessarily so. The chorus goes, “tonight I dare you to dream. Go on, believe impossible things, whenever anybody says there’s anything we can’t do. ‘Cause after all, there’s an American flag on the moon.”

Appropriately, Brad hit the Apollo launch pad in Cape Canaveral to leak this track, tweeting out:

And because Brad Paisley’s life is just incomparably amazing, he received a tweet back from outer space:

The conversation didn’t end there. Brad responded and received word that his song was already being played in a galaxy far far away:  

Try as you might, but few things will likely top this song leak throughout eternity! Click on the link in Brad’s first tweet to hear “American Flag on the Moon” in its entirety and let us know what you think of the song by following us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE.

Order Brad Paisley’s Moonshine in the Trunk (which will be released August 25th) here:

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