[email protected] Gets Cheesy w/ @JordyRNelson & @Packers Fans during @kraftfoods Sponsored Show

Brad Paisley is a man of his word! He made good on his promise to turn his concert Thursday at the Resch Center into an early 2015 pep rally for the Green Bay Packers. And Jordy Nelson, GB Packers wide receiver, was even there to sweeten the deal.

The appearance was set when the Packers’ player made a surprise appearance earlier in the show, walking out like it was no big deal to hand Paisley a guitar during “I’m Still a Guy” and then taking a selfie together.

“I don’t know who that was,” Paisley joked after Nelson left the stage. “In the off season, he’s my guitar tech.” Paisley went on to spread serious love about as he called them “The greatest team in the NFL.” He also added “I was here when you beat the Lions … I was here when you beat the Cowboys this year. I like to think I’m good luck. I just need to make every game next year.”

When he went on record declaring next season to be “the season of vengeance” for the Packers, fans roared and broke into “Go Pack Go!”

“We’ll do that on and off through the night,” he told them.

Wouldn’t be a Packers event without cheeseheads, right?! Cheeseheads were passed around numerous times. The Swon Brothers showed up later, too, wearing giant rubber fish heads and waving Packers foam fingers on “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song).”

During “This Is Country Music,” Paisley grabbed an acoustic guitar, drew a Packers “G” on it, signed it and then scanned the crowd, finally handing it over to a little girl. Footage of Lambeau Field and the Packers made the video for Paisley’s new single, “Crushin’ It,”…thus solidifying the night for both Paisley and Packer fans alike.

“If there’s two things this town is good at,” Paisley said, “one is football and the other is making a party out of everything!”

There you have it….right out of the horse’s mouth.

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