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Brantley Gilbert’s latest single “One Hell of an Amen” has been striking chords and touching hearts since the release of Brantley’s album, Just As I Am. Now, the music video to accompany the emotional country rock, slower tempo tune has been released much to the excitement of his fans.

The lyrics of the song can best be described as reflective, as the track encourages a listener to think about life and work toward becoming someone people will remember long after he/she is gone. Singing about those who lived valiantly, Brantley croons of a fallen soldier and one who was stricken with a terminal illness. Reminding people that the way they live their daily lives will effectively create the legacy they leave behind, Brantley celebrates fighting for yourself and others until the very last breath you take.

And that’s one hell of an amen, that’s the only way to go. Fightin’ the good fight ’til the good Lord calls you home. So be well my friend ’til I see you again, yeah this is our last goodbye, but it’s a hell of an amen.

The music video mirrors the lyrics of the song, showing a soldier growing up and getting deployed, eventually leading to a flag upon his coffin. It also depicts a man getting the heartbreaking information from his doctor that his body has been invaded by cancer. Photographs are strewn about, showing a male in a hospital bed, clad in Georgia clothing, providing the impression that Brantley lost somebody close to him, making this song hit especially close to home.

Performance aspects of this video include Brantley singing in a cemetery and sharing an old, deserted church with his band. These scenes introduce a mixture of vulnerability and passion, demonstrating Brantley’s overall encompassing hard rock/country vibe that he as perfected in his career.

This song is everything we could hope to hear from an artist as special as Brantley, and the video is a flawless representation of the lyrics. Can I get “one hell of an amen” on that statement?

Watch Brantley Gilbert’s “One Hell of an Amen”

Brantley Gilbert Just As I Am

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