Brett Eldredge and His Self-Titled Album

Arguably a largely under-rated artist within country music, Brett Eldredge’s latest studio release continues to develop his overall sound and build upon what was quite possibly one of the best debut albums in recent years. Brett Eldredge sees Eldredge narrow his song-writing circle with impressive results, leaving the listener with a polished selection of tracks that you undoubtedly want to hear again and again. Lead single “Something I’m Good At sets the tone for the overall album, introducing a melody that will have you tapping your feet along and lyrics that will leave you smiling at their charm. The lyrical and melodic journey through Brett Eldredge then takes you through emotive, heartfelt tracks like “Brother,” “No Stopping You” and “Haven’t Met You Yet” alongside more upbeat, rockier numbers such as “Superhero” and “Heartbreaker” leaving something for everyone and proving Eldredge’s diversity whilst still maintaining a cohesive release. “Crystal Clear and “The Reason” introduce Reggae and Swing influences respectively, highlighting an intriguing sound that is very successful.

Eldredge sounds at home throughout each of the tracks on the album however after the different dynamics in the release it is a shame that album closer “Castaway” – whilst highlighting an impressive vocal from Eldredge – ultimately feels a little mundane. The relative simplicity of the instrumentalization is refreshing but the track lacks a real spark to really draw listeners in, an unfortunate choice to close the release. Despite this, Brett Eldredge’s latest release is certainly a welcome addition to any country fan’s music collection, seeing Eldredge continue to go from strength to strength and highlighting his distinctive tone through some very strong tracks.

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