Concert Review: Brett Eldredge, Thomas Rhett, Danielle Bradbery

This past Thursday the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio welcomed the Suits & Boots Tour with Thomas Rhett, Brett Eldredge and Danielle Bradbery.  My favorite local radio station K105.1 “KCountry” was at the venue adding to the fun.

Danielle Bradbery opened the concert out on a wonderful note…literally! Her grace and poise on the stage was unparalleled. She had the confidence of a seasoned performer as she started the concert off with “Shot of Whiskey.” This song would set the tempo for the entire concert.

Bradbery also sang her hit song “Heart of Dixie,” but left the chorus up to the crowd. She smiled as the crowd repeated the lyrics right back to her never missing a beat. She picked up the pace with “It’s All Good” and started dancing to the music. The crowd got into it, feeding off of her energy. You could hear the emotion in her voice when she sang “There’s Only Room for Two.” The crowd stopped as everyone listened to the lyrics like this was the last song they would ever hear. Her voice calmed our hearts and in this moment I became a Danielle Bradbery fan.

Already being an avid Thomas Rhett fan, I knew I was going to know every song. Songs from his new album Tangled Up dominated his setlist with no complaints from the crowd. “Anthem” was his song to get the crowd going with most fans standing up on chairs and singing along.

ThomasRhett (2)

Rhett also sang his hit song “It Goes Like This” from his first album, but handed it over to the crowd halfway through. The crowd sang along to every word even as he joined back in. He slowed it down a bit with “Die A Happy Man,” which is very popular amongst female listeners as you could tell by the crowd’s octave. Rhett wrote that song for his wife Lauren and his emotion during this song was incredible. She is one lucky girl.

To get the crowd moving again Rhett sang “T-shirt” and “Tangled Up.” Everyone was dancing like it was summer again. The lighting and the sound helped him put on one hell of a show. Bradbery joined Rhett on stage for his favorite song of the album “Playing with Fire.” On the CD it features Jordin Sparks, so Bradbery had some big shoes to fill. There’s no words for how well she sang that song. Their voices were in sync and the emotions were too. One of the best duets I’ve ever seen and I would go back again just to hear them perform this song.

Brett Eldredge finished off the night with his set, that included “Drunk On Your Love” and “Mean To Me.” Eldredge also sang his hit song “Beat Of The Music” and the crowd was really excited. With many fans standing on their chairs, a number of young ladies went a step further by getting on young men’s shoulders just to get a glimpse of Eldredge.

Eldredge is a crowd-pleaser and had every person there turning on their phone’s flashlights while he sang. Everyone swayed as he showed love for his fans. He went out on the front of the stage and made everyone in the crowd feel special. He stopped the music and thanked his fans for always being there and saying how he just wants to be that song for us. Eldredge let us know he wants to make us dance, make us cry, and make us feel, which led into “Wanna Be That Song.” When he started singing, emotions ran high as we all realized that Eldredge, and every country music artist out there, has that song. Eldredge sang:

“I wanna be that song that gets you high. Makes you dance, makes you fall. That melody rewinds years. Once disappear, makes time stall. Wanna be those words that fill you up. Pull your windows down and keeps you young. Makes you believe you’re right where you belong.”

We realized in that moment that country music has a place in every heart. We would be lost without it and it’s because of artists like Brett Eldredge, Thomas Rhett, and Danielle Bradbery that make those songs.

Brett&Thomas.Optional2 (2)

Oh, but it didn’t end there. Rhett came back out to join Eldredge in a unique encore starting with “Gold Digger” and featuring hits like “Neon Moon,” “Hotline Bling,” and “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” They had a monologue to go along with all of these songs talking about Eldredge’s love life. He told Rhett that he wants to find something like the love between Lauren and him.  This exchange was a crowd favorite with the girls going crazy. I mean who wouldn’t want to marry Brett Eldredge?

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