Broseph Sends a Bold Message With New EP, “Let’s Do This”

Five years ago, Broseph’s lead singer, Brock Jones, devised a way of playing music for beer money in his hometown of Beardstown, IL. One at a time, Jones built a solid band of musicians, six dudes from Illinois, known today as Broseph. After five years of a persistent touring schedule in their sprinter van (aptly named Van Morrison), Broseph decided to relocate to Music City to build a team in hopes of taking their music dream to the next level. Today, Broseph is one of the most exciting country bands to emerge out of the Midwest and they’ve been working relentlessly to prove themselves worthy of success. Their latest EP, Let’s Do This is a true testament to their hard work and it echoes a bold message of their readiness to share their product with the world: let’s do this.

Let’s Do This showcases six solid tracks, all written by the guys of Broseph, and co-produced by rock hitmaker, Greg Archilla, and 2017 Music Row Guitar Player of the Year, Ilya Toshinskiy. The guys teamed up with Adam James (fellow Illinois native), long-time friend and songwriter with Three Ring Circus in Nashville, to round out the EP with his writing skills on “Beer Talkin’” and the title track, “Let’s Do This.”


  1. Let’s Do This The Bros set the tone of the EP with their title track that exemplifies their work hard, play hard mentality. It’s a country heavy track laced with a bubbly feel that will have you dancing along with your hands up in the air.
  2. Country Song A playful, sing-a-long and fan favorite, this track presents hooks referencing everyone’s favorite country songs, with lyrics like, “we’re so in love, we’re so in tune when we’re singing to each other just like Johnny and June.” The guys prove their versatility as songwriters and their ability to write and perform songs to attract new fans with enticing melodies.
  3. Good Luck With That Anyone who’s ever been through heartbreak will be able to relate to this track. The team went in to write a “write-off” song and created this masterpiece break-up anthem that sonically flips the bird to an ex.  “So when you come crawling back, good luck with that.”  I can see this one getting radio airplay and becoming a fan favorite for its relatability and passion alone.
  4. Beer Talkin’ This track isn’t just a pick-up line, it’s out to explain that the beer is merely a confidence booster to say what he already intended on expressing. It’s lively, enticing, and country.
  5. Good Reputation I dig the overall traditional-meets-contemporary feel of this track. It’s a dude’s anthem, and it explains another side of Brock, Brooks, Michael, Chris, Sean, and Aaron.
  6. Sombrero Every album needs a straight up, feel-good track. This is it. Flexing their rock muscle with this guitar-laden party song, Broseph tends to close out their show with this crowd-pleaser that recounts a good time with tequila and all that’s left to show for it the next morning is…a sombrero (and possibly a hangover).

Broseph nailed it with these six tracks that will liven up your music playlist for any occasion and any season. Get connected with Broseph on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and check out their website for upcoming tour dates.


Author: Tiera Bolt

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