Brothers Osborne Electrifies Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK.

The last year and a half have been quite the ride for Brothers Osborne. Not only did they release their debut album, Pawn Shop, but they were nominated for Grammy and CMT Awards and won a CMA and two ACM Awards. In addition to all that, they have been touring like crazy around the country. Although they had been opening up for Chris Stapleton on his All-American Road Show tour, they added a quick stop in Tulsa, OK at the historic Cain’s Ballroom for an epic headlining show.

From the very first note played, the standing room only crowd was revved up and ready for brothers TJ and John Osborne to ignite the stage and they did not disappoint. They opened with “Greener Pastures” and followed that with their first single “Rum.” It was obvious this was an audience full of devoted fans and the atmosphere was electric. As soon as they started to play “21 Summer,” the crowd got so loud I was wishing I had ear plugs. The venue holds around 1,600 people and I can honestly say that it was the loudest country concert crowd I have ever heard at Cain’s.

The show had so many layers to it. They introduced a ballad they have not yet recorded called “Weed, Whiskey and Willie” and then covered Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River,” where John Osborne sang a verse and then wowed us all with his guitar skills. They took the tempo back down and showcased just the two of them on stage singing the sexy tune “Love the Lonely Out of You.” Then, they brought the band back on stage and paid homage to bluegrass by gathering around a vintage microphone and performing acoustic versions of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” and John Denver’s “Country Roads,” complete with a mandolin and an accordion. Yes, I said accordion. That’s what makes their show so unique. You never know what twist they may throw into a song.

Once again, the audience erupted and sang every word of their most successful hit “Stay A Little Longer” and their current single “It Ain’t My Fault.” Both brothers were full of adrenaline and feeding off the incredible energy of the crowd and TJ Osborne admitted that although it had been great to be on the road with Chris Stapleton in larger venues, he sure was having a lot of fun in Tulsa that night. For the encore, they took requests and sang “Pawn Shop,”Shoot from the Hip,” and “Lovin’ Me Back.” In addition, they made my night by playing my request, “Arms of Fire.”

Brothers Osborne puts on one hell of a show. There is nothing about them that is the norm and that’s what makes them so great. In my opinion, TJ Osborne has the sexiest voice in country music and John Osborne is one of the most talented guitar players you will ever see. That combination makes their show an unforgettable experience.

Author: Shannon Herrold

I'm a self-proclaimed music nerd from Oklahoma who enjoys all genres and can pretty much sing a snippet of any song you can think of. Being a mom of 2, a Zumba Instructor and a volunteer at my kids' school keeps me busy but I can never go to too many concerts. Live music is my passion and I love writing about those experiences.

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