Candi Carpenter Blazes A New Trail With Debut Single

There’s something to be said for a good heartbreak song. Country radio is filled these days with good times, dance club hook-ups and maybe the occasional Carrie Underwood revenge song (thank God for those). But where is the raw emotion and the bitterness of betrayal that for decades made country music great? It’s something that is sorely missing on the dial these days. Thankfully, an up-and-coming country singer from Toledo, OH, Candi Carpenter, is dutifully blazing a new trail and bringing back the sorrow.

Candi Carpenter’s debut single “Burn The Bed” is a brutally honest song about the sting of discovering infidelity in a marriage. From the first line, “Most people take out the trash, they don’t bring it home,” she achingly tells the tale of an unwelcome woman brought into her home by her husband.

When she hits the painful chorus, “I don’t want to wash the sheets, I want to burn the bed…was she someone to replace me, or just something on the side,” you can feel the agony and hopelessness she’s experiencing.

Probably the hardest and most devastating line in the song comes when she desperately asks “Did you take my pictures down, or did I have to watch?” At this moment, “Burn The Bed” becomes not a lesson in learning, but one of a truly broken and defeated heart.

Akin to Sunny Sweeney’s poignant “other woman” song “From A Table Away,” Candi Carpenter’s “Burn The Bed” similarly rips your heart out, even if the perspective comes from a different side. In her first single, Candi Carpenter has brought back old-school heartache and twang to country radio. Hopefully, country radio will find a place for it between the princesses and party boys with their southern pop songs.

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