That’s My Jam!

You know you’ve done it. That one song comes on the radio and you find yourself dancing in the front seat of the car and singing at the top of your lungs while the person in the next vehicle over looks at you like you are the craziest person alive.  But you don’t care because that’s your jam!  These are 7 country music songs that make it hard to keep your hands at 10 and 2 while driving down the road.

Garth Brooks “Callin’ Baton Rouge”

Garth Brooks has admitted that this is his favorite song to perform live and I can understand why.  It makes me want to get up and run all over a stage too!  All the 90s country fans will find themselves tapping their steering wheel and trying to “talk to the girl just one more time” when this energetic song comes on the radio.

Keith Urban “Somebody Like You”

I love banjos so anytime I hear one start out a song I’m hooked, and having Keith Urban play that banjo just makes it even better.  This is just a fun, belt-it-out tune with a great beat.  Add some air guitar playing (only at stop lights) and you have the makings of a perfect car dancing song.

Miranda Lambert “Mama’s Broken Heart”

Who doesn’t love a good break up song with a strong country twang?  This Miranda Lambert song will have even the shyest of karaoke singers get some attitude and tell you like it is when they are alone in the car.  You just can’t “hide your crazy” when this song comes on and the people driving next to you will notice.

Tim McGraw “Something Like That”

Even those that claim to not like this song can’t help but find themselves bopping to the beat and singing about the “BBQ stain on my white t-shirt” when this Tim McGraw song starts playing.  It’s the classic “remember when” song and I will never get tired of hearing it.

Shania Twain “Any Man of Mine”

There are some songs that everyone seems to know no matter how old they are, and any time this

Shania Twain song comes on you can find all the women bouncing in the car and singing the instructions to their men, usually along with finger pointing.  It’s written in the girl handbook that all women must learn the words to this song and all men should oblige.

LoCash “I Love This Life”

The first time I heard this LoCash song I immediately decided this song was my jam!  This catchy tune perfectly captures me in “the way she throws her hands up when the cover band plays.” I’ve been caught several times jamming out to this song in my car because I truly love my life!

High Valley “Make You Mine”

This High Valley song is my newest find.  The bluegrass roots make you stomp your feet and raise your hands as part of the choir singing “hallelujah Sunday morning.” It is really hard to sit still and keep your hands on the wheel when this tune comes on the radio.


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Author: Shannon Herrold

I'm a self-proclaimed music nerd from Oklahoma who enjoys all genres and can pretty much sing a snippet of any song you can think of. Being a mom of 2, a Zumba Instructor and a volunteer at my kids' school keeps me busy but I can never go to too many concerts. Live music is my passion and I love writing about those experiences.

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