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Rarely do I write from a personal perspective. My ‘voice’ is heard through the words I choose to type but I don’t connect them, in print, to my own life. For this feature I digress to disclose I am a fan. A fan of Carly Pearce. Her music! Recently I saw her perform live for the first time at Stagecoach. After her set she chatted with fans. Did I mention it was a more intimate setting and we were able to stand right up next to the stage. The best memory from so many she helped create that day? Her taking my daughter’s phone (after my daughter took one picture of the two of them that I was cropped out of) and snapping a selfie with the two of us. Oh, another would be that, before the show, my daughter enjoyed her music, but, by the end she, too, was a fan. There is a tremendous power in music – the lyrics, the notes – that transcends generations and genres. That moment, mom and daughter, were united in a musical ‘bliss.’

Singer Melanie Meriney said these words about the Key West song writers event that really resonated with me as I put this piece together. 

“The music business is, after all, all about relationships and shared experiences.”

Carly P Updates, a Carly Pearce fan-based site. Here are two young women, Sydney and Raegan, who by chance ran into Carly at last year’s CMA Fest in Nashville. The two love the meaning in Carly’s lyrics and felt a need to share them with others. Both are in school, studying to work in the music industry. The perfect storm had begun to brew.

What first connected you to Carly and her music?

Sydney: “Well the weird thing is, ‘Every Little Thing‘ wasn’t even the first song I heard of Carly’s. I was on YouTube and a video from her radio tour popped up of her singing ‘I Need A Ride Home.’ I instantly felt connected to her voice and how she connected with the lyrics. I started to listen to more of her music and was hooked.”

Raegan: I first connected with Carly’s music after listening to ‘Every Little Thing.’ Syd and I often talk about when we first heard the song, and it’s so crazy because I first heard it in March when I found it on Spotify. I was instantly drawn to how raw and truthful the lyrics were.

Every Little Thing.”

How did you decide to start Carly Updates?

“After connecting a lot with her during CMA Fest last summer, we were surprised she did not have one already. She was super down-to-earth, and the world needed to hear what she was saying with her music. We are both going to school to work in the music industry and have always been interested in marketing and promotions. We thought creating this page would both benefit Carly’s career and prepare us for the future we could potentially have in the music industry.”

What do you have planned in 2018 to help promote Carly and her music?

Sydney: “Raegan and I are constantly communicating through FaceTime coming up with new ideas. When we started the page, our main goal was to expand Carly’s fan base and to bring everyone together through her music. We have a lot of things planned, but we are looking forward to CMA Fest because we have many ideas to promote Carly’s current single, ‘Hide the Wine.’ We are really excited!”

Raegan: Like Sydney said, we are in constant communication. We work really well together, and we feed off one another’s ideas. One of the things we do that we think work really well is the fan videos and projects we put together. We absolutely love getting the fans involved, and sometimes adding a little bit of humor to our videos – haha! We are currently extremely focused on getting Carly the fan-voted RDMA and CMT awards.

Vote for Carly Pearce

#Breakthrough Video of the Year #Female Video of the Year CMT Music Awards Here. (Show is June 6)

#TheFreshest @radiodisney Music Awards Here. (Show is June 23) 

Your page shows all the time and care you’ve devoted to its creation – how do you get all the content?

Sydney: “At first it was hard when we did not know anyone attending shows, but as we connected with fans because of our page, we were able to have them send us content to shows we weren’t able to attend. We try to go to as many shows as possible, but Carly’s fans are all so generous and want to help as much as they can! We truly couldn’t do it without them.”

Raegan: “I have to give most of the creativity part of the page to Sydney because she is all about making layouts and graphics. It is something she is really good at. As far as the content goes, we really just research people that are going to shows and we will send them a message with our numbers, so that they can send us any videos or pictures they take. It is honestly crazy how many people probably have our numbers, but we are so thankful that they are open to send us everything. They are awesome, and we are super thankful that they send us anything they get from shows.”

Both: “We also have an Instagram account (@carlypupdates), so we find it easier on show nights for one to do Instagram while the other does Twitter. We both search Carly’s name every single day on Google to look for new interviews and articles! Thank goodness for post notifications – haha!” 

What is your part in getting the votes out for Carly for her recent nominations? How do you help promote her singles and album?

Sydney: “While ‘Every Little Thing‘ was climbing the charts, we knew how important requesting was. We have friends that run different updates accounts for other artists, so we picked up on how requesting forms work and the most efficient way to use them. We put together a Tumblr page with all of the request forms for radio stations. When it comes down to crunch time, we promote how important it is to request the song to radio, so we encourage people to fill out the request forms. We try to be fun and relatable with her fans because at the end of the day, we are fans too that just want Carly to succeed. A positive attitude and fun competition go a long way!”

Request Carly Pearce on the radio here.

Raegan: “I kind of slightly mentioned earlier the videos and projects that we put together, but those are our ‘go-tos’ for promoting singles and her album. We are both all about getting the most fan interaction while having fun. We normally try to do a big giveaway of something that Carly has signed in order to get fans to participate in voting or requesting. We are constantly thinking of more ideas for how to keep people voting for Carly’s award nominations, so the thought process never stops.”

Anything else?

Raegan: “We talked about the first time we met Carly a few months ago, and we think it is a really important part of our story. After the CMT Awards last summer, we were walking to the parking garage when we passed Carly sitting in a car. I remember walking past the car and telling Sydney, ‘I think that was Carly Pearce.’ Of course, we walked back and it was her. She was kind enough to roll her window down to say hi, and eventually got out of her car to take a few pictures with us.”

Sydney: “We always stress the importance in trusting in God’s plan. We honestly believe that it wasn’t just a coincidence that Raegan happened to see Carly that night. At this point in my life, I was settling with a school back home while getting a degree that was not my passion but was easy. After that night, neither of our lives have truly been the same. On my way home from the festival, I decided to move to Nashville to finally pursue my dreams, and Raegan is moving here this summer to do the same. Carly has become such a positive light in our lives, and I know that it was in God’s plan for us to run into her that night.”

Both: “We want to close out with one last thing. At the end of the day, without this page – or Carly, we both wouldn’t be as close as we are to each other. And for that, we are forever grateful. To all of our followers, we love and appreciate each and every one of you. We couldn’t do this without all of your help. Carly, you are the bomb. You are ‘the freshest,’ but in all seriousness, we are extremely grateful for all of the opportunities you have given us, and we will never take them for granted.”

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Author: Donna Block

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