Carly Pearce Releases New Album After Hit Song “Every Little Thing”

You probably know Carly Pearce because of her song “Every Little Thing,” but I started listening to Carly when I heard her song “Dare Ya” back in 2016. Today, I still can’t believe I’m writing about her new album and that means more Carly to go around.

Naming her first album after her hit song, Carly has broken records and was, at one point, the only female artist in the top 20 and now she’s stepping right into the top ten.

Her album starts with a catchy fast-paced song titled “Hide The Wine.” I think Carly wanted to start her album off on a very different note than her well-known song “Every Little Thing.” This particular song shows her fun side and Carly is all about the wine (we have more in common than I thought).

You Know Where to Find Me” is my favorite song of the album- it’s one of the most vulnerable ones, but in a subtle way.

“Down that no name county road, past where the cigarettes grow
And city dreams start turning into dirt
Underneath the sky so black, backseat of your Pontiac
Got me breathing secrets no one’s ever heard”

Telling someone that they can recharge with them and how much it helps to be alone together- being themselves and letting loose. The message really drives home in the chorus…

“You know how to bring me back to what I really need
That little bit of wild that no one ever sees
When I’m on the edge of losing who I wanna be
You know where to find me, find me”

Honeysuckle” and “Dare Ya” are fun songs that deal with love. Carly has such a way with words and her songs bring out memories from different times in your life. “Dare Ya” reminds me of my first date with my first boyfriend. Both of us so incredibly nervous, but finally making that move- it changes everything. “Honeysuckle” is a sexy song, but Carly loves hiding lyrics in a song…

“The summer heat melting me right into you, nothing compares
To “I need you, baby” echoing out the windows
On that dark road with the, the honeysuckle in the air…”  

The song breaks your heart. Everyone remembers that first taste of love and how it destroys you when it ends. But those moments- those moments- are the ones you will cherish forever. We’ve all been there and Carly, from one girl to another, thank you for reminding me of that first love, the first summer together, and being sixteen again.

This album has heart and more grit than I’ve listened to in awhile. Carly Pearce is killing the game right now and you better get on the bandwagon before it’s full. She has guts for putting songs out like this. The vulnerability that she has poured into Every Little Thing will make you cry, laugh, and remember great memories for days.

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