#HumpdayHookup @CarolineKole #CMCHAT Wrap-Up

Tonight we had the lovely, the talented, the humble, the awesomely adorable Caroline Kole for a Country Music #CMchat #HumpdayHookup #Twitterview. Yes, that is perhaps the most hashtags used in a row to form a sentence in history. Guinness Book of World Records, we’re coming for you!

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Caroline when she was the ripe old age of sixteen, but I felt like I was speaking to someone my age due to the maturity of this amazing young woman. Oh, and my age will not be revealed at this time. Just know I’m older than Caroline – by a good bit. Anyway, I digress. Since first interviewing her, I have been eager to help promote Caroline in any way possible because she is, quite simply, one of the kindest hearts and souls in the universe. So, when the opportunity arose for Country Music #CMchat to spend a half hour with her, I was ecstatic. Ecstatic to get to catch up with this brilliant young artist and ecstatic to introduce her to those in our readership who have not yet met her.

Caroline Kole grew up in music, but was catapulted to success when she was discovered by Reba McEntire and her husband, music manager Narvel Blackstock. To say that Caroline lives a fairytale is an understatement considering this teenager was whisked away on tour with the Queen of Country Music as a pre-teen. The whirlwind hasn’t stopped since, as Caroline is a member of the Starstruck Entertainment family (which is also home to Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson … and ONLY Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson). Caroline’s debut EP, Money to Me, was released earlier this year, garnering six tracks, each of which is better than the one before it. Two singles have hailed from the offering thus far — title track “Money to Me” and current single “If He’d Ever Look Up.” Both songs can be heard on SiriusXM The Highway and “If He’d Ever Look Up” is a frequent flyer on CMT’s Pure.

So, what did we learn about Caroline Kole during our WAY TOO SHORT thirty minutes with her? First, that our community absolutely ADORES and expects huge things from her. We also learned that Caroline is fierce on the socials and was able to juggle Jessica Northey’s questions, fan inquiries, and the Loco Logo’s Community Questions without skipping a beat. Caroline also further proved how unbelievably wide-eyed and down-to-earth she remains, indicative by her answers regarding the wonderment she still feels when she hears herself on the radio, sees herself on television, and experiences things like recording in the studio with Reba.

To read the entire conversation, and see some of YOUR tweets recalled, check out the entire Twitterview below! You may also come across a rather precious selfie of Caroline, taken tonight, in your travels!

Joining in on the fun was YOU, the awesome #CMchat community! Speaking of our community, here are the Community Questions and some of your answers:

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