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The second of the two new tracks on Carrie Underwood’s Greatest Hits: Decade #1, “Little Toy Guns,” was officially announced as the phenomenal vocalist’s next single earlier this week. In sharing the big news, Carrie also told fans to expect the music video for the heavy-hitting, emotionally-driven tune on Friday, January 30th.

Staying true to her word, the video was premiered on Carrie’s Facebook page, echoing the sentiments of the powerful lyrics, which hold a very valuable lesson — that words can hurt as much, if not worse, than any physical abuse. Specifically geared toward parents who can’t seem to smother their anger or, at the very least, filter their words, Carrie’s newest release sympathizes for children who are often affected and scarred by the arguments between the adults in their lives.

The lyrics cry out in pain and wishfulness:

Little toy guns, no sting, no hurt, no blood; just a bang bang rolling off your tongue (wish words hurt like little toy guns). Yeah, no smoke, no bullet, no kick from the trigger when you pull it. No pain, no damage done (wish words hurt like little toy guns). And just a bang bang rolling off your tongue (wish words hurt like little toy guns).

Carrie’s video lifts a little girl who is overhearing another heated fight between her parents out of reality and into a fantasy world. With the aura of a Hunger Games arena, the little girl single-handedly is shown freeing her parents from the ties that bind them, setting them loose in a danger zone of outdoor hazards and allowing them to find solace.

The end of the video shows familial progression, as the father/mother/daughter trio return to their home and are sitting together, as the child places the parents’ hands together in unity. The final scene is a dramatic twist from the opening, during which the little girl is hiding in her closet out of fear.

As anticipated, the music video for “Little Toy Guns” is every bit as strong as the extremely important message behind the lyrics. This is a must-see for everybody, as the lesson to be extracted pertains to all of us.

Watch Carrie Underwood’s “Little Toy Guns” video

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