The @Opry Releases @CarrieUnderwood’s #WineAfterWhiskey Performance (Watch!)

Earlier this year, Carrie Underwood graced the iconic Grand Ole Opry stage for another stunning performance by one of the best vocalists in the history of country music. During the event, Carrie performed a fan favorite, “Wine After Whiskey” off her Blown Away album.

As part of its holiday gift to the fans, the Opry released the exclusive video of Carrie singing “Wine After Whiskey” today, causing fans to rejoice and thank Santa for the early Christmas gift with which they were bestowed. The power ballad yearns for a love that was so strong that anything subsequent to that feeling would be akin to the weakness of wine to the vigor of whiskey. Carrie sings:

Like having wine after whiskey, it went from “do anything for you, babe” to “you don’t even miss me.” Once you’ve tasted a love that strong, you can’t go back and you can’t settle on anything less and that’s what gets me. It’s like having wine after whiskey.

Applying the terms of this song, which was penned by Carrie, along with Dave Berg and Tom Shapiro, a performance by Carrie Underwood is nothing less than a strong shot of whiskey — anything to follow this classy and capable lady would simply pale in comparison. Especially on a song of this caliber.

As is true with many of Carrie’s performances, words cannot do justice to that which is musically relayed by the country music chart-topping and award-winning sensation. It will only serve you to sit back and indulge by watching the video below.

Watch Carrie Underwood perform “Wine After Whiskey”

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