All Night Party with Casey Donahew

Casey Donahew is set to release his fourth album All Night Party on August 19, 2016. For this album Donahew teamed with country music producer Josh Leo who has quite the reputation for producing No. 1 hit country songs. The album has 10 true country songs. There’s mention of honkytonks, belt buckles, rodeos, cowboys, tequila and barbwire fences mixed in with love stories and country life.

Donahew must have written “College Years” for me. The lyrics “We were young, life was good, we had beer, that’s all we needed in those college years” made me relive my college days. Not to mention the reference to using a fake I.D. and turning four years of college into six. Donahew also caught my attention when he sang about “White Trash Bay.” A place where as long as you’re still standing, you’re still drinking. There’s no shortage of moonshine and homemade tequila. Now that’s a place where I’d like to party!

All Night Party has a variety of stories. Some mention love and some mention loss. The catchy song “Kiss Me” is a classic love story with a girl waiting on a guy to FINALLY make a move. She tells him “I’ve been waiting on you to kiss me.” Many women can relate. “Josie Escalido” is a love story with a twist. An outlaw cowboy falls in love with a girl south of the border. He chooses love and parts with his outlaw ways. Trying to make their love last, Josie is killed with a bullet. This song about the Old West is filled with Spanish flair.

Listening to the lyrics of each song, it’s obvious Donahew put his heart into this album. All Night Party will have you reflecting on love, life, and good times. Casey Donahew’s roots may belong to Texas, but his recent national tour has exposed his music to country fans across America. This is an album bound to bring country back to country music.

Are you a Casey Donahew fan? Tweet me @TheLizKellogg and let me know what your favorite song is. Casey Donahew’s All Night Party is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Casey Donahew All Night Party

Author: Liz Kellogg

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