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It seemed only fitting he would kick off our December to Remember with Casey James, a Country Music #CMchat wish list guest. What could be a better start to our 2014 finish than someone we have been hoping would be added to our schedule for quite some time? As we expected, Casey got our huge month of Twitterviews, events, holiday features, and surprises off to a remarkable start, making sure his fans, followers, friends, and family had a fabulous first night of December.

For those who haven’t followed Casey as closely as our team has over the last few years, you might remember him best from season 9 of Fox’s hit singing competition show American Idol, during which he placed an impressive third. Casey was then signed to Sony Music Nashville and released his debut album and three singles (two of which broke into the top twenty-five) under BNA Records/19, a subsidiary of Sony. Casey had a hand in writing nine of the eleven tracks on his self-titled debut, an album which peaked at Number 2 on the Country Music album charts.

Upon the closing of BNA Records, Casey was transferred to Columbia Nashville, where he remains today. He recently dropped his new single “Fall Apart,” a release that Casey’s fans have been long awaiting and highly anticipating for more than two years.

With a resume like Casey’s, as well as an incredibly supportive fan base that has stood by him since his days on Idol, we knew our Monday night Twitterview was going to be an absolute blast, filled with participation, excitement, and fast-paced fun. However, we never could have expected the outpouring of involvement that became of this particular #CMchat!

Of course, before the hour we spent with Casey, we knew about his background and the success of his music, but we learned a considerable amount about the sexy star with the locks of gold that we envy oh-so-much. Did you know that Casey is a master tweeter and broke the Country Music #CMchat record for longest answers? In fact, one of his answers was given in eight, yes eight, parts, while several others were not far behind. This caused his fans to rejoice due to his thoroughness, and we truly appreciated how detailed his answers were to our team’s questions! Thank you, Casey!

We also were reminded what a phenomenal person Casey is, as he made sure we knew how important his craft and fans are to him and that the fame and notoriety are incidentals to doing what he loves. And, collectively, ladies everywhere sighed, swooned, and began to “fall apart.”

In case you missed the incredibly thought-provoking and brilliantly answered Twitterview, we have a tweet by tweet account for you. Casey, your award for “Most Thorough Answers in the History of #CMchat” is on its way!

And because Casey is unbelievably gracious, he threw this in before he continued chatting with fans for a bit:

Then he bid adieu to everybody:

In case anyone missed Casey’s full answer to Question 5, he typed it out and posted this for everyone. Again, a collective sigh fell over the crowd.

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