#CMchat Exclusive Interview with Chase Bryant

Chase Bryant is from Orange Grove, Texas. His hospitality is unmistakable as he introduces himself right away with his dog Harley close behind. Bryant’s tour bus is immaculate and something you wouldn’t expect from a guy in his 20s. He has cool hair, great charm, and a wonderful voice, but there’s more to Chase Bryant than just that.

Take us back to the time at which you knew country music was it.

“From the time I was born that was pretty much what I was raised on and then I kinda introduced myself to rock ‘n’ roll. But I think country music was always just comfortable to me from the time I was a kid. It was really kinda where I found myself and where I thought I wanted to go.”

What song whether you produced, wrote, or even performed are you most proud of?

“I mean all of them I’m pretty proud of… all the ones that I’ve put on my EP. The song ‘Change Your Name’ I’m super proud of. I think that’s one of the songs for me I just feel like I connected originally when we wrote it. ‘Little Bit of You’ I’m super connected with too because you know it’s kinda my newest hit. ‘Take It on Back’ was my first hit ever. I wrote it and produced it and the whole thing.”

Do you find yourself more critical of your music because you produce, write and perform your own music?

“Yeah I think I come down on myself probably more after the fact a little bit…because it’s like you hit record and you’re given one take (live shows). I’m always thinking as an artist, as a producer, as a writer, as a performer. I think about all those things. That’s probably why I’m so critical of myself.”

What are three things that your fans don’t know about you?

“Well I’m a clean or neat freak. I like things picked up and put up as you can tell. I’m also a huge outdoorsman. I’m a big hunter and fisher. I think a lot of people see me on stage as a really crazy, wild, and loud-talk all the time person, but I’m pretty quiet – pretty reserved.”

People say that weird things happen in small towns, is that true?

“Yeah they do…When I think of a small town, I think of the first bell in the morning at school, I think about the first time you ever kissed a girl, or the first time a girl ever kissed a guy. I think it’s a lot of those really small things that end up relating to the rest of your life…it’s made a lot of my music. Weird things happen in a small town and that’s where people become successful.”

Do you have a pre-performance ritual?

“I like to listen to loud music. But really for me I like to catch my sleep – as much as I can and staying healthy, drinking a lot of water. I like to have one glass of whiskey or one glass of wine before I go on stage. I’m not a big party animal, but I do like to have a nice glass of whiskey before I play on stage. My pre-show thing right now is really the band and hyping each other up before we play. So it’s a couple different things.”

What musician would you most like to collaborate with?

“Tom Petty’s guitar player, Mike Campbell. I’d love to work with Keith Urban. I would also love to work with anyone from Fleetwood Mac or Bryan Adams. He’s probably my No. 1 pick, (Adams). He’s the reason I play music. But I listened to so much music growing up. For the longest time it was Ray Charles, but he passed away, so that was an unattainable goal. I think Bryan Adams is probably No. 1. We would relate in a lot of ways and the way we go about melodies and things like that…He’s Canadian and I’m American and I’d like to learn more about Canada! But I’m a big fan of Bryan.”

What is your top goal for 2016?

“A couple number ones would be awesome! Growing more of a loyal fan base. I think for me it’s about gaining more friends. When I’m playing a show I always think of the people in the crowd as my family. It’s a connection! I want to grow my fan base…the people who are going to come back to see us play because they love what I do and I love what they do. They support me and support music – country music. So I think a couple number ones, staying busy on the road; I think that’ll help us do pretty well.”

If someone wrote a book about you what would be the title?

“Understated, probably. I think there’s also a lot of things that when you look at a book and judge it by its cover you understate that book because that’s only 1 percent of that person – their picture and the stuff you look at…There’s people who are critical to music and who may not want me to make it, but I never took no for an answer and I’m not ready to. Country radio has been great to me; country music fans have been incredible to me and people have been very accepting.”

As Bryant relaxed in his neat tour bus I realized that this was one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Country music is lucky to have him and I am beyond blessed to have met someone like Chase Bryant. Oh and he told me he loved my watch, so basically I’m never taking it off.

Cassie and Chase

Be sure to get his EP, which includes “Take It on Back” and “Change Your Name” at iTunes.

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