Chase Rice loves being a part of “bro country”

I know there is a whole flock of people who are hoping 2015 is the year that “bro country” fizzles out. But one person that isn’t in that school of thought is Mr. Ready Set Roll himself…Chase Rice.

Whether or not people agree on Chase Rice’s taste in music, one thing you’ve got to give him credit for is he is completely comfortable with the music he puts out…and he owns the phrase “bro country.” Chase recently talked to Yahoo! Music, where they point blank asked him his opinion on it. Check out his response:

What do think of the whole “bro country” thing, which “Cruise” has sort of been lumped into? What do you think of that term? Do you feel like there’s a movement and you’re a part of it?

Hell yeah! There’s a huge movement in country music, and I’m proud of it. I’m glad to be a part of it. I think everybody always wants an escape. [Look at] Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks. There were people hating on Garth Brooks in the ’90s. There’s people hating on Kenny Chesney in the 2000s. But I remember going to Kenny Chesney and Garth Brooks [concerts] as a kid. And that was why I went, because I was on a vacation for three hours. Those songs took me there. That’s the same thing with our songs right now. People just want to party. That’s what my live show is, it’s a party. At the same time, I think country music does deserve ballads. That’s what a big part of country music’s history has been. It’s definitely something I’m proud to be a part of. As far as “bro country,” whatever, I don’t care what you call it. It’s country music, and it’s working.

There you have it. Right out of the horse’s mouth. Do you agree with him?

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