Cherish Lee Shows Missteps and Discovery in “Tequila Cowgirl”

When you hear the words and music of newcomer Cherish Lee, you are struck by an unbelievable talent – and a story that is relatable to many listeners. There’s a light and easy feel to this tender ballad about a woman who is still in search of who she is, and the California native handles the song with a great deal of warmth. The lyrics of this song reflect a restless spirit of a person that knows she just might make a few mistakes along the way but hasn’t let those missteps along the way make her jaded in any sense of the word.

Lee comes by her talent naturally. Her father is Johnny Lee, who was one of the biggest stars in the Country format of the 1980s with hits such as “Lookin’ For Love,” and her mother is Charlene Tilton, known for her role as the Texas tornado known as Lucy Ewing on the iconic television series Dallas. But, while she is proud of both of her parents, the talent of Cherish Lee is all her own – and definitely worth a listen. Chances are that most women who listen to this first single from a new EP will identify with the song – and trust me when I say, there is a lot more where that comes from! A lot more!

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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