Chicago Got Lost in The “Middle of a Memory” With Cole Swindell

CMT on Tour and Cole Swindell brought the Down Home Tour to Chicago on November 30 and December 1, 2016, for two sold-out shows at Joe’s Live and Joe’s on Weed Street. Swindell promised that though the two shows were back-to-back, they’d be different. “This is going to be a set that nobody’s seen before!” He confessed the first night at Joe’s Live. Check out these highlights from Joe’s Live show!

Despite admittedly being sick, Jon Langston opened up the night with a bang as he put on quite an entertaining show. His voice cut out several times, but his energy didn’t waiver. He apologized and powered through with help from the crowd, who seemed to be familiar with his music. Check out this clip of Langston singing his new single, “All Eyes on Us.”

The most memorable detail about Cole Swindell’s concert is how much it has progressed over the years. The light show and the seamless transitions from song to song are most notable. Specifically, there is a moment of transition from “Kiss” to Cole’s fifth #1 as an artist, “Middle of a Memory,” which was so smooth, it initially left the audience speechless.

Every successful artist has one song that is responsible for their jolt into the world of country music #1’s. For Cole Swindell, that song is “Chillin’ It” and when he sang it at Joe’s Live, the vibe in the room was anything but chill! Check out this clip.

A unique part of the Down Home Tour is when Cole’s band takes a break, and he comes out with just his guitar player, Joel. Swindell has a moment with the audience as he reminisces on the #1’s that he has written for other artists, singing a few of those songs acoustically. Watch him sing Thomas Rhett’s “Get Me Some of That” followed by a special shout out to Joe’s on Weed, asking the audience if they remember their first time at that establishment. He says that he remembers his first time there, as Luke Bryan’s merchandise guy, and how far he’s come since (including the sold out show that took place the following night). Cole then segued into a song he wrote that was recorded for Bryan, “Rollercoaster.”

Country music might be a bit different as a whole in its current state than it was in the past, but Cole Swindell’s “No Can Left Behind” is a nostalgic song with a strong 90’s vibe that will make your feet dance. “I envision this with y’all up here line dancing with me to this song someday,” Cole shared as he began the song.


Before the Down Home Tour came to a close, Cole surprised everyone with a cover of the popular Chainsmokers song, “Closer” while the crowd roared in approval. The Down Home Tour shined with incredible lighting, band involvement, and overall confident stage presence from Cole Swindell. If you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend attending a show near you! Check upcoming Down Home Tour dates here.

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