Five Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn From Chris Young’s Latest Album, Losing Sleep

The latest release for RCA recording artist, Chris Young, checks off a first for him, as he co-wrote on every track of his seventh album, entitled, Losing Sleep. This album dabbles in unchartered territory that none of his previous albums have reached sonically. It all began with his first single, the title track, “Losing Sleep” which is arguably his most “poppy” single to date. Additionally, you’ll also get a glimpse of programmed beats paired for the first time with the signature, rich baritone greatness of Young’s voice that we are already familiar with.

Expertly produced by Corey Crowder, Losing Sleep tells a story from start to finish if you listen closely, and this is one, though polished and an easy listen, is well worth the attention to detail. In listening to Losing Sleep, there were five life lessons that I think everyone can learn from this album.

  1. Love can make every day seem like a holiday. Lyrically, “Holiday” expresses that giddy feeling you have with someone special, and how being with them feels as good as being on vacation. “You take me on a trip around the world, don’t need to hop on a plane. When I’m with you girl, it’s like I’m on vacay.” Sonically, it feels like a warm Christmas song hooked up with a country song on a private island and made this acoustic guitar, pedal steel, island vibe combination of goodness.
  2. Drinking might be a temporary fix, but it won’t solve your problems. The piano ballad “Where I Go When I Drink” exposes what a hurting heart reveals after a few drinks, and why it’s not going to solve the heartbreak. Likewise, the final track of the album, “Blacked Out” packs a country-heavy ballad that showcases Young’s signature vocals to lyrics that admit drinking only blacks out the pain for a period of time.
  3. Red flags happen for a reason. Listen to them. “Trouble Looking” is upbeat, just like it feels when you’re falling fast and you get a flashing caution light that something isn’t quite right. Those red flags are there for a reason, listen to them! The lyrics boldly warn, “you’re trouble looking for a place to happen.” I’d like to say that Chris ran at the signs, but something tells me he succumbed to the trouble…
  4. Having a crush is one of the best feelings no matter your age. “She’s Got A Way” will brighten your mood the way having a crush does. It exemplifies what it means to be smitten, and I think we can all admit that having an innocent crush like this is one of the best feelings, no matter your age. It’s the most delightful, upbeat, playful song on the record, and it definitely has radio hit potential written deep in its veins. If you want more flirty cues, “Hangin’ On” is chock full of ‘em!
  5. Romance is necessary. Romance is how you hook the girl, and continuing the romance is how you keep her. Sometimes all it takes in the romance department is a romantic song like the title track, “Losing Sleep” or slow, evidently country tune, “Radio and The Rain” set to some slow moves with your lover. With lyrics like, “The way you’re crawling into my seat, I can tell the storm tonight will have nothing on you, babe,” it’s hard not to start breathing heavy, awaiting a similar romantic moment of your own.

Losing Sleep is a continual hit out of the ballpark (in terms of musical home runs). It’s charged-up country music, but it also dabbles in the pop-country trend without losing the authenticity of Chris Young’s rich vocals and twang.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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