“3 WIshes” with Clark Manson #Interview

A native of a small town in Ohio, Clark Manson grew up in proximity to an annual country festival, and after attending year after year with his family the idea of becoming a star himself someday was born.

It would take years before Manson began performing for local crowds but those experiences proved helpful in establishing a fan base that will support him until the end. Joining the likes of so many talented young artists this summer, Manson releases his new single “3 Wishes” to much praise from those who have stood beside him.

I had the chance to connect with Clark Manson recently and found out more about his single.

How did you decide “3 Wishes” would be your next single? Who else was involved in that process?

“I knew I really loved the song, but it wasn’t until we cut it that we knew it would be the single. We were looking for a fun summer jam, and my producer Luke Wooten and I just knew this had to be the next single.” 

Could you pick just one line from that song that has a particular significance to your life at this moment?

“The entire bridge is spot on with my life right now. ‘When I kiss your lips, see your eyes, tan bare feet, them star-filled sky’s I know it’s true. All I want is you.’” 

What do you hope fans experience when they hear this song? 

“I want fans to be able to roll their windows down, turn up the radio, and enjoy life for moment.

How many times has someone asked you “what would your ‘3 Wishes’ be” after you released this song as a single?

“I hear it all the time, but I just smile and tell them the song says it all.

You can keep up with Clark Manson on Twitter. His single “3 Wishes” is available now on iTunes.

Clark Manson 3 Wishes

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