Join Clint Black for a #CMchat Twitterview 9/22

Writing this post is one of those surreal moments in life when something you dreamed of happening happens… Pardon me while I wipe the tears from my eyes so I can see my screen more clearly.

Ah! There we go!

The legendary Clint Black will be our guest for a Country Music #CMChat Twitterview on Monday September 22nd at 6pPT/9PET and you are cordially invited to join the conversation.

Clint Black Cmchat twitterview


A member of the highly esteemed Class of ’89 (along with Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and Mary Chapin Carpenter), Clint Black has been making music and topping charts for as long as current country music fans can remember. In fact, as of today, Clint (may I call you Clint?) has written, recorded, and released over 100 songs. As if that number isn’t astounding enough, more than one-third of those songs are categorized as “hits.” But wait. There’s more. Clint has also sold more than twenty million albums worldwide, further cementing his place in country music history.

This year, 2014, marks the twenty-five year anniversary of Clint Black’s chart debut – a debut he made with triple platinum Killin’ Time. Call it a reunion of sorts, but Clint is back and ready to celebrate this milestone of his first (but certainly not last) Number 1 album (which also garnered four Number 1 singles and a fifth top three hit). CMT has labeled Killin’ Time one of the 100 Greatest Albums in Country Music, as it not only made history as the first debut album to release five hit songs, but it also pushed Clint to superstar status in the awards department. Specifically, Killin’ Time was responsible for awards including: Country Music Association Horizon Award, Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year, American Music Awards Favorite New Male Country Artist, Academy of Country Music Best New Male Vocalist, Academy of Country Music Best Male Vocalist, Academy of Country Music Album of the Year (Killin’ Time), and Academy of Country Music Single of the Year (“A Better Man”).

It would be easy to hang up your black ten gallon hat at this point, but this was just the stepping stone for the man, the myth, the legend, Clint Black. His sophomore album Put Yourself in My Shoes quickly followed — in release date and success. Put Yourself in My Shoes likewise earned triple platinum status … and the snowball continued to roll.

In the late 1990’s, Clint stepped away from his record label and focused his energies on his family for some time. However, within a few years, he was back in action and ready to recapture the attention of the country music community. In 2003, he founded Equity Music Group, a record company that became home to his own recordings, as well as other artists who shared his mindset on the industry. In fact, it was Equity Music Group that launched Little Big Town’s career with their Platinum-selling album, The Road to Here. Clint’s debut album for the label, Spend My Time, received great critical acclaim and the label earned Billboard’s Independent Imprint of the Year and Independent Label of the Year in 2006.

Clint’s talents do not begin and end with music. The icon also tried his hand at acting and did so without a hitch. Starting with a cameo in 1994’s Maverick (alongside Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster), he later undertook roles in films such as 2000’s Going Home (with Jason Robards), as well as the starring role in 1998’s Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack. Clint also had a role in kid-friendly sequel Flicka 2. Not stopping there, Clint lent his talents to the small screen, also performing on shows including The Larry Sanders Show, Las Vegas, King of the Hill and many others. You may also remember seeing him compete on Celebrity Apprentice. Though Clint was “fired” by the infamous Donald Trump, his newfound friendship with Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton led him to charity work for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. Collectively, Clint and Scott raised over one million dollars for research and Clint continues to work endlessly on behalf of the Foundation, sitting as Honorary Chair for its “Research to Reality: Funding Progress” campaign.

To date, Clint has had nearly two dozen Number 1 hit singles and countless Top 5 and Top 10 hits. What makes Clint even more unique is that each of his hit songs is his own original composition. And, if it’s possible, somehow even more bountiful than his number of hit records is his number of awards; which now include a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Clint Black Walk of Fame

Oh, and he’s joining Country Music Chat on September 22nd for a #Twitterview. Have I mentioned that yet?

And there go the tears again.

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