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Clint Black, ladies and gentlemen. Clint Black. If you are seeing this post, it means our long-awaited Country Music #CMchat Twitterview with THE Clint Black has come to an end, like all good things must. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened, right? Pardon me while I sob!

Now that I have collected myself, WOW! What a #CMchat it was! First, if you read our previous post about Clint Black and social media, you know he does all of his own tweeting, retweeting, posting, responding, favoriting, liking, etc. Which means everything you heard tonight was, legitimately, straight from the horse’s mouth (or, err, fingers). That’s right. Your class of 1989, award-winning, platinum-selling, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star-possessing country music legend sat on the other end of the computer tonight and answered each of those questions himself. I repeat, “WOW! What a #CMchat it was!”

So, what did we learn about Clint Black tonight? We learned that he is a better tweeter than most of us. Holy cow, pretty sure there was smoke coming off of keyboards worldwide tonight! We also learned that Clint is driven by his heart, whether it is with work or family, he allows his heart to lead him toward successes. In fact, when writing songs, he is “thrilled just to come up with ideas that pierce my own heart!” Further substantiating that Clint has a heart made of pure gold, he has a charity that he would love you all to check out (the link is provided below in the Twitterview portion of this post) and shared a patriotic exchange with a veteran during our time together. Collective sigh, readers. Collective sigh.

Clint additionally taught us that he is quite the jokester, telling a story about a prank he pulled on his tour manager by pretending to go missing right before a show, only to magically appear just in time to hit that opening note. I am pretty sure his manager keeps an AED on standby at all times after that prank!

Besides music and playing pranks on those closest to him, Clint admits that he loves to collect “old things,” one of which was featured on History Channel’s Detectives. Oh, and he also studies up on today’s trends, as he inquired as to who was making the “duck face” in a photo that Jessica Northey tweeted from a Virgin Galactic Grey Goose-sponsored event she was attending. (If you want to know the answer, guys, it was Kelly Ford from 94.7 Nash FM!). AND, if you keep reading this post, you very well may stumble upon that photo and Clint’s inquiry … Just sayin’! You will also see that a very special guest made a cameo during the Twitterview. That’s right, folks. This post is the gift that keeps on giving!

In case you missed the question and answer segment of tonight’s #CMchat event, here are the tweets between Jessica and Clint. This was hands down one of the most fantastic Country Music #CMchat Twitterviews, as well as one of the fastest-paced. So, enjoy reading this at your leisure and at a speed that won’t make your eyes cross!

Jessica and Clint aren’t the only ones who had the fun tonight. We also had some Clint-themed Community Questions that the participants loved! Here are some of our favorite answers!

Clint also had a conversation with a fan about his support of our troops and we would be remiss not to share this wonderful moment:

This Country Music #CMchat was so fabulous, even our friend Cowboy Troy stopped by to say hello to his buddy, Clint:

Oh, and here is that duck face picture I mentioned above, because all good wrap-ups should end with duck face:


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