What A Beautiful Mess #JoyOfTravel

I really couldn’t think of better title for this post. It so accurately described my incredibly relaxing (and joyful) stay at Holiday Inn Nashville Vanderbilt for CMA Fest during a time I will look back on life and most likely think ‘holy crap how did we do all that’.

My 4 legged Dogter Sissy, who is also my best fur-end was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. Our trials and tribulation to get on the road to treatment for my little brown eyed girl, were rough and rowdy. But in the middle of this I had a chance to work with the incredible team at Holiday Inn, for a moment I thought, there is no way I can leave right now, but it turned out be the best thing for me!

Simply put, I needed to take a step away from my life and re-frame it, also get some rest and be strong to be able to help Sissy through her cancer treatment. Her only hope for survival was treat the pain until she passed away or do stereo-tactic radiosurgery, which is a 3 Dimensional delivery or radiation ONLY to the cancer cells so none of the healthy cells are damaged. It was an easy choice to make.

As much as it was fun to attend Country Music Associations #CMAfest it was a relief to take a ‘time-out” from my chaotic life and surround myself with my energizing and empowering friends. For one of the first I’ve ever traveled to Nashville, I actually took time for myself to “stop and smell the city”.  I am always going from event to event, to this to that, and this time I slowed down and spent time with my best friends, saw some sites and tried to not to live by the clock, which is hard for me. And I do believe God kept being reminding me to stay in the moment. Flight delays, flight cancellations, lost luggage, no-show shuttle but none of it mattered. When you surround yourself with love, even while taking time out for you, and good energy, you can do anything. (this also reminded me of that commercial “I can do anything, I stay at a Holiday Inn last night.”)

Maybe it was something in the pool during #SplashBash at Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt, the comfy bed or the amazing smell of the hotel (NOT KIDDING I’ve got to figure out what they use?!?!?!) that kept me feeling so peaceful and centered.

Holiday Inn hotels are designed to provide a welcoming and sociable environment for both leisure and business travelers when they are away from home, and the Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt does just that. From the moment you walk through the doors, the hotel’s anticipatory staff members do everything they can to help make your stay extraordinary.

And on a side note…what do you do and where do you go when you need to unwind and ‘smell the roses’?

These are some of my favorite moments from this trip. (watch slideshow)

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This post was made possible through my association with Holiday Inn.  As always, thoughts and opinions are always my own.

Author: Jessica Northey

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