#CMchat Exclusive Premiere and Interview: Krista Angelucci

Life. That’s what Billerica, MA, native Krista Angelucci writes and sings about. Her biggest musical influence is Amy Grant.

Her family has encouraged her music career since she was singing jingles around the house. At age eight she sang her first solo at church and her passion for music was undeniable. Her parents are super supportive,

“My dad is always the one who tells me to step back and see how much has happened when I fall into that little rut.”

Read you sang commercial jingles at age 3 – are they the first tunes you sang? 

I specifically remember singing ‘Hot Pockets’. Haha, I’ve always loved catchy hooks! If only my 3-year-old living room version of that had took off!

Although I did do some professional commercial work. I had the chance to be the vocal in a Fuji film commercial in Japan for a women’s energy drink. Really cool experience and ended up with some fans in Japan!

Commercial jingles weren’t the only catchy tunes the young artist sang at home. Angelucci could be heard putting her own mark on Disney songs.

Favorite Disney song to sing?

Apparently, my go-to was Beauty and The Beast as a little girl. But I’m a Disney fanatic so it’s hard to choose!

Those questions lead to a more serious one on song writing.

Do you ever find yourself staying away from recording a song because it may not be “radio friendly” or commercial?

“As a writer and an artist, you are constantly coming up with new ideas and songs. I tend to lean towards the more radio friendly catchy songs but I’ve definitely written ones that would not be considered very commercial. Would I cut those right now in my career? Probably not. There’s still a business side to it all I need to be smart about. With that being said, if I absolutely loved the song or believed in it I’d cut it. I always try to put myself in a listener’s perspective and think ‘would I turn this up if it came on the radio?’.”

Boom Boom” written by Shannon McArthur and Krista Angelucci

Artists that Angelucci turns up the radio for include Martina McBride and Faith Hill. Her dad always said that their types of songs fit her voice. She realized it was who she was as an artist,

“I feel that with country music, you can sing about anything – love, faith, a broken heart — things I’ve experienced in life so far.”

A very personal experience led her to write her latest single, “Fake Girl.”

You had me at “Hearts get broken when bottles get opened.” Those bottles are like Pandora boxes.

While it must be cathartic to write a song like Fake Girl, is it difficult to perform such a personal song on stage? It might be the next breakup anthem like Carly Pearce’s Every Little Thing.

“I think it would be difficult if it was a new emotion/a fresh cut. But guess that’s the good thing about broken hearts. They heal! With that being said this song expresses personal experiences for me but I find it empowering to be able to put into words something I’m so passionate about and knowing you can come out stronger on the other side.

That’s a huge compliment and I’d love for this to be people’s ‘get through heartbreak’ anthem. It’s certainly mine!”

This isn’t the first time Angelucci has written about the end of the road for a relationship. She previously penned “Like It or Not” and “Creep.”

“I do a lot of writing when I’m feeling a certain way… it’s one thing I find very important in being an artist. I love writing and being able to share my experiences and my feelings and my thoughts.”

What’s it like having people listen to you singing vs. listening to your songs when you’re a song writer? Does it feel more vulnerable to be the one singing the words?

“I love singing but to sing a song that you wrote is special. Sometimes it can be like singing your diary in a way.”

Not all of her songs are about the dark side of relationships. Here’s what she had to say about “Like You.”

“It’s about having a crush on someone and getting the butterflies and stuttering on your words… It’s about the excitement of the crush and the nervousness of it.”

Like You” written by Krista Angelucci and Charlie Hutto.

What’s it like singing other people’s songs and how does it compare to singing your own? 

“There’s definitely a deep connection when it’s a song that you’ve written but I’ve connected with songs that I have not been a part of writing on as well. I think when someone pours out a piece of themselves in writing, it is honest, real, and people gravitate to that. Those are the songs you say “dang I wish I wrote that!’

That’s what I hope for with Fake Girl. That people will connect as if it’s their own.”

Fake Girl

The excitement of performing led Angelucci to perform all around her home state when she was younger. She has sung the national anthem for various charity and sporting events, including the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, Nascar, and New England Revolution.

What was the first song you wrote and recorded?

“My parents recently found a folder of old songs. Let me tell you I’ve come a long way! We should probably lock those away. The first song that I recorded at a studio would be ‘Everything I Am‘ which I wrote for my family when my papa passed away.”

Her talent has been recognized and rewarded many times over, being named the New Hampshire and New England Country Female Entertainer of 2009, winner of Stars Over Boston, Charlie Horse Idol, Lowell Spinners Idol and South Shore Idol in 2010, and winner of Bear Country 95.3’s Texaco Country Showdown in 2011.

Love Me Crazy” written by Krista Angelucci

Where do your writing ideas come from? 

“Most come from life! Either something I’ve personally been through or something my co-writer has. But the fun thing about writing is you can write about anything you want! There are songs that are completely made up. Sometimes you just have an idea that sounds fun or catchy and you go with it.”

Her first video, for her song, “Creep,” won Video of the Year from Limelight Magazine. Angelucci has shared the stage with Phil Vassar, Chuck Wicks, Lee Brice, Big & Rich, Hunter Hayes, Chris Cagle, Jo Dee Messina, Jerrod Niemann, and Kip Moore.

Does running inspire your song writing?

“I do enjoy running. I enjoy working out in general. It can help with writing but I get inspired a lot when I’m driving.”

What is touring like for you? Something you enjoy – best and worst parts? 

“A little while back I was playing tons of shows mostly in the New England area. When you play three to four nights a week it’s fun, but no matter how much you love it, it does get tiring.

I’ve been taking some time to focus and get some new music together. Definitely looking forward to sharing this new stuff with everyone and doing more live shows.”

What’s it like to be growing in popularity and more recognized? Do you enjoy that aspect of the business?

“I love meeting people and getting to know them. When somebody can relate to you as an artist and the music you are releasing it’s a great feeling! I think the best part is the more you grow the more you learn and the more lives you get to touch.”

Lindsay Ell is getting ready to release her version of John Mayer’s Continuum, an album that she said inspired her own, The Project.

What artist/album has inspired your music and would you consider recording it?

“It’s Amy Grant hands down! I love all of her music but my first album by her was ‘House of Love.'”

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? 

“Tough question! Music has and always will be my life. But I love animals. Maybe something that involves them.

As I get older I do find I enjoy getting my hands into different business opportunities. I really enjoy hosting this Women Crush It Wednesdays with Melanie Meriney. – Maybe I’d be a TV host! Sounds fun.”

A little more about Women Crush It Wednesdays from Melanie Meriney.

“Each week, we host a new female artist or songwriter to play some songs, talk about their path, and interact with new fans and viewers from all over the globe! For those talented artists who aren’t local in the Nashville area, we also do a Weekend Crush that spotlights a song or album from a female artist elsewhere.”

If you would like to find out more about Angelucci then check out her website.

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Author: Donna Block

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