#CMchat #FantasyFootball Hoedown (Week 13)

I would be a turkey of a fantasy football writer if I didn’t attempt a Thanksgiving-themed introduction this week. So take a swig of some pumpkin pie moonshine (or at least have a piece of pumpkin pie) and get ready to partake in two things that we can all be thankful for this Thursday.

Three awesome football games on Thursday You have to love a holiday where it’s perfectly acceptable to gorge on both great food and football. This year’s games look to be about as killer as an Eric Church/Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley triple-bill. (Hey, a dude can dream can’t he?) The main event will clearly be the match-up between Philadelphia and Dallas for sole possession of first place in the NFC East. Both teams are playing inspired football. I like Dallas in this one. They simply have too many weapons. While the Dallas/Philly game will be a battle of high-powered offenses, the San Francisco and Seattle game should be a war of defenses. I have a feeling the reigning Super Bowl champs will win this one. Finally, we come to the day’s opening act — Detroit vs. Chicago. Clearly, this one isn’t as sexy as the other two games, but I have a feeling there will be plenty of fireworks. Both Jay Cutler and Drew Stafford have a lot to prove and I’m sure they’ll be fired up in front of a captive national audience. In the end, I think Detroit wins this one. Their defense is just too good…and I’m completely losing faith in Cutler (see below).

Lee Ann Womack sings in Dallas The gorgeously-voiced, “I Hope You Dance” singer, will be performing the national anthem before the Cowboys/Eagles game. Just the thought of that makes me happier than Kenny Chesney in the Caribbean with a nice rum drink in his hand.

Pick ‘Em Up? No, Put ‘Em Down

For all of you who took my advice last week about not starting Patriots running backs Shane Vereen and Jonas Gray, you’re welcome. To be honest, I didn’t think LaGarrette Blount was going to get 12 carries and two touchdowns while Gray didn’t even touch the ball. But it just goes to show you how uncertain the running situation is in New England. Naturally, I’m seeing everyone picking up Blount this week, like they did last week with Gray. I said it before and I’ll say it again, just avoid all three Patriots backs if at all possible. It’s just not worth the headache.

The other “big” pickup I’m seeing this week is Oakland’s Latavius Murray. While his numbers last week were impressive (112 yards and two touchdowns), they are somewhat misleading. Of those 112 yards, 90 of them came on one run. The other 22 came on three carries. That’s it. He had four touches. Not exactly what you want out of a starting running back. I read he should be getting more touches this week. That’s if he plays. He still needs to pass the league’s concussion protocol. And do I really need to mention, he’s on the woeful Raiders?

In completely, totally unshocking news, Robert Griffin III and Michael Vick have both been benched by their respective teams. There might be a slight value in picking up Colt McCoy if you’re in dire need of a quarterback. Picking up Geno Smith on the other hand is about as wise as wearing cowboy boots while jogging, on the beach, in the dead of winter.

Takin’ Bills Thrills, Again!

Remember last week when I wrote my Takin’ Bills were projected by Yahoo! to win by 30 points, and I followed by saying: “I take little stock in projections. I should win by 50.”? Well, I was wrong. I won by 58 points. My boys put up 129 points and that included an epic flop by my quarterback Jay Cutler who got me a whopping 7 points. Sadly, there just aren’t any worthy quarterbacks available in my league so I have to hope Cutler isn’t a dodo on Thanksgiving against that tough Lions defense. At 5-7 (sixth place, with three teams ahead of me at 7-5) my playoff chances are about as slim as Luke Bryan’s pants, but there’s still hope.

That’s it for this week. Hope y’all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend. Drop me a line at @sneezeguard if you feel so inclined.

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