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This week Carrie Underwood released her first ever Greatest Hits: Decade #1 album, which features her newest single “Something in the Water”. I don’t know about you, but I feel like she just won American Idol not too long ago, and now this beauty is releasing a Greatest Hits album! That is hard to believe!

Among her many, many musical successes, we can all agree that Ms. Underwood (or Mrs. Fisher) takes the cake for fashion at any given time! Whether is her vivacious curls, her flawless makeup, her pearly white smile, or those killer legs we all wish we had (you know you’ve said it at least once).

In honor of her gracing the country music industry with her beauty and talent for 10 years now… I have decided to feature an outfit from every year since she won Idol in 2005!


Carrie Underwood 2005


Carrie Underwood 2006


Carrie Underwood 2007


Carrie Underwood 2008


Carrie Underwood 2009


Carrie Underwood 2010


Carrie Underwood 2011


Carrie Underwood 2012


Carrie Underwood 2013


Carrie Underwood 2014

Thank you Carrie for 10 years of your kind heart, amazing voice, and wonderful style! Here’s to another decade of hits and dresses!!


Author: Tiera Bolt

Mix 1 part momma + 1 part writer + 1 part hairstylist. Add the love of laughter, adventure, and caffeine. Blend well with a passion for country music and hockey. Sprinkle with sass, and that's me.

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